Object Lessons

Object Lesson: Corning “Lens” Bowl

An unadorned glass bowl displayed in NOMA’s decorative arts galleries was made in 1932 directly from the factory mold of a Corning Glass Company locomotive-headlight lens. The “Lens” Bowl is part of the important Modern design movement that openly paid tribute to new materials and thoughtful industrial production. Read More

Object Lesson: Forever mural by Odili Donald Odita

Commissioned in honor of NOMA’s centennial, Forever is a large-scale wall painting by the Philadelphia-based, Nigerian-born artist Odili Donald Odita. Extending 150 feet, the mural contains 87 colors, calibrated to respond to the physical space and changing light of the McDermott Lobby. The title conveys the impressions of dynamism, musicality, and continuity Odita gathered from… Read More

Object Lesson: America by Will Ryman

Will Ryman’s large-scale sculpture America is a reflection on the industries and economies that built the United States over the past few centuries. America is made of many materials, each of which have been carefully selected and arranged by Ryman to reflect the legacy of capitalism in this nation. Read More