Object Lessons

Object Lesson: Death Comes to the Banquet Table by Giovanni Martinelli

While their story-telling symbolism is as old as Christianity itself, “memento mori” paintings saw a particular popularity in seventeenth-century Europe. It was a time of tumultuous politics and religious instability even as wealth flooded in from overseas. The Baroque art that bloomed during this period reflects the contrast between these two realities, as tensely captured… Read More

Object Lesson: Alfred Stieglitz’s Hands Beside His Photograph by Dorothy Norman

  Dorothy Norman was only twenty-two years old when she walked into the Intimate Gallery and met Alfred Stieglitz, then sixty-three. Although they were separated by more than forty years in age, and despite the fact that each was already married, their physical and emotional relationship quickly blossomed. So profound was their connection that Stieglitz… Read More