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Cantonese Punch Bowl depicts 18th-century international trade

A newly acquired Punch Bowl with Cantonese “Hongs,”on display in the Lupin Gallery of Decorative Arts, reveals both the exquisite craftsmanship of Chinese porcelain and a window into international trade of the late eighteenth century.  Enameled around the outside of the bowl is a continuous scene of a bustling waterfront along China’s Pearl River. Small… Read More

Dickie Landry to perform solo saxophone concert on May 2

Louisiana-born saxophonist, artist, photographer, and composer Dickie Landry will perform one of his legendary site-specific SOLO concerts in tribute to the work of Keith Sonnier and Tina Girouard on Thursday, May 2, from 6 – 8 pm. Landry will play the tenor saxophone to explore the textures and abstract layers of sound within NOMA’s iconic architecture. Admission required. Read More