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Fragmented Landscapes film series examines global relationships of people to the environment

Fragmented Landscapes/Beyond Acadia is a film series presented by Deltaworkers, a nomadic artistic production and residence program based in New Orleans that investigates the southern states of the U.S. as one of the last mythical places in the West. On four select Saturdays at 2 pm throughout the run of Inventing Acadia: Painting and Place in Louisiana, a series of short films will be screened under various themes. Read More

Five works at NOMA with stories of misery, mayhem, and the macabre

The works of art contained in NOMA’s galleries and the Besthoff Sculpture Garden depict the full gamut of human emotions — from love and compassion to vengeance and fright! Prowl our halls and the shadowy outdoor paths of the sculpture garden to view scenes and objects that are guaranteed to give visitors the willies. Some works present less obvious but definitively grisly and creepy stories beyond the frame or pedestal. Presented here are five selections from the permanent collection with stories of misery, mayhem, and the macabre. Read More