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Reflecting on Bill Fagaly’s Contributions to Contemporary Art in New Orleans

In addition to the formative role he played in developing NOMA’s African art collection, Bill Fagaly was an important voice in contemporary art in New Orleans throughout his 50 year career. Before the first NOMA contemporary curator was hired in 2008, Bill conceived some of the most inventive and provocative contemporary art exhibitions in the museum’s history. He also helped foster a new generation of contemporary art galleries, curators, collectors, and supporters.  Read More

Reflecting on Ancestors of Congo Square

William A. Fagaly arrived at the Delgado Museum (now NOMA)  to fill the position of registrar in August of 1966. In his 50 years at NOMA, Fagaly’s success is apparent in the museums’s galleries of African art, and in the international regard for the collection he helped to build. His capstone project, Ancestors of Congo Square: African Art in the New Orleans Museum of Art, served as a culmination of his professional curatorial career. Read More