Celebrate American Art at NOMA: Ten Must-Sees

American art is as diverse as the nation itself. NOMA’s collection spans the country’s historical evolution and diverse ethnicities, from pre-Columbian Native American tribal art to cutting-edge contemporary works that express the freedom of unbound creativity. We invite you to celebrate the full breadth of the American experience year-round and particularly on this patriotic holiday…. Read More

NOMA launches #EverydayNewOrleans project as part of Changing Course Tricentennial exhibition

The New Orleans Museum of Art, in partnership with the New Orleans Photo Alliance (NOPA) and the Everyday Projects, announces #EverydayNewOrleans, an educational and community outreach initiative. Using photography to promote a broader understanding of life across diverse neighborhoods in the Greater New Orleans region, the #EverydayNewOrleans project consists of a series of educational workshops. Read More

NOMA launches Professional Pathways Internship Program for local HBCUs

The New Orleans Museum of Art has received funding from The Walton Family Foundation and Ford Foundation in support of NOMA’s HBCU Professional Pathways Internship Program to recruit paid university-level interns from under-represented and under-served backgrounds. The Walton Family Foundation and Ford Foundation announced they are each committing $3 million over three years toward the… Read More

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