Art-Making Activity

Art-Making Activity: Breathing Wands

Create your own breathing wand—a fun tool to help you take three deep breaths developed by community partner Project Peaceful Warriors. Materials Pipe cleaner Feather Beads Make Take your pipe cleaner and twist one end around the bottom of the feather. Add three beads to the pipe cleaner. Make a loop at the bottom of… Read More

Art-Making Activity: Decorative Tassels

Dig into the textures and colors of your home to create a decorative tassel inspired by Brindaban Pink by Louisiana sculptor Lynda Benglis. Adults, this one’s for you! All-ages art-making activity Sculptor Lynda Benglis is best known for her pioneering abstract works that capture materials in action like poured latex or dripped wax, pulled and… Read More

Art-Making Activity: Blooming and Becoming

New Orleans artist Ron Bechet creates large-scale paintings and drawings inspired by the Southern Louisiana landscape. This charcoal work For My Fathers is based on twisted and tangled roots of live oaks in City Park. The more you look, new shapes and forms can emerge, sharing deeper ideas about emotions and human experiences.  Take a… Read More

Lesson Plan: Botanical Journal

Artists and scientists rely upon careful observations to discover and represent new ideas. The deft eye and trained hand of the visual artist can help us all to realize the intricacies of the natural world. In botanical journals, naturalists drew the leaves, stems, root systems, fruits and flowers of the plants they encountered so that… Read More

Art-Making Activity: Floral Fabric Batik

The beauty of spring is enhanced by the abundant blooms of flowers growing around our neighborhoods and in nature. Why not create a colorful textile garden for your own home environment? It will last year-round and will not require regular watering or sunlight — low maintenance! In this activity, you will create a fabric batik… Read More

Lesson Plan: Story Generator

People and cultures all over the world use symbols and images to help pass along stories that are important to them. In this activity, we will create a Story Generator that will provide clues to help us tell a story.  Inspiration: This large helmet mask was worn by masquerading characters in the Niger Delta Region… Read More

Art-Making Activity: Shape Your World

Reimagine your neighborhood. Promote thinking about fundamentals elements of social justice: community, empathy, equity, activism, and advocacy by honing your observation of immediate surroundings within your community. Use a found-object viewfinder as a tool for isolating shapes in drawing and utilize shapes as building blocks for creating a geometric composition that represents a vision of… Read More

Art-Making Activity: Photo-editing lesson

American photographers Dorothea Lange, Gordon Parks, and Latoya Ruby Frazier turned their cameras on individuals and communities whose stories were less known to expose their daily trials, struggles, and celebrations. Dorothea Lange was a photographer and photojournalist, best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration. Lange’s photographs influenced the development of documentary… Read More

Make a Mandala

Mandala comes from the classical Indian language Sanskrit. Loosely translated, the word means circle, but a mandala has symbolic meaning as well. The shape of a mandala is circular and has a pattern. Similar designs are seen in cultures in India and Tibet as well as Native American and Early Christian art.  Circles may represent… Read More