Art-Making Activity: Decorative Tassels

Dig into the textures and colors of your home to create a decorative tassel inspired by Brindaban Pink by Louisiana sculptor Lynda Benglis. Adults, this one’s for you! All-ages art-making activity Sculptor Lynda Benglis is best known for her pioneering abstract works that capture materials in action like poured latex or dripped wax, pulled and… Read More

Lesson Plan: Botanical Journal

Artists and scientists rely upon careful observations to discover and represent new ideas. The deft eye and trained hand of the visual artist can help us all to realize the intricacies of the natural world. In botanical journals, naturalists drew the leaves, stems, root systems, fruits and flowers of the plants they encountered so that… Read More

Lesson Plan: Story Generator

People and cultures all over the world use symbols and images to help pass along stories that are important to them. In this activity, we will create a Story Generator that will provide clues to help us tell a story.  Inspiration: This large helmet mask was worn by masquerading characters in the Niger Delta Region… Read More