Art-Making Activity: Blooming and Becoming

Ron Bechet (American, b. 1956), For My Fathers, 2014, Charcoal on paper, 84 x 108 inches, Courtesy of the artist

New Orleans artist Ron Bechet creates large-scale paintings and drawings inspired by the Southern Louisiana landscape. This charcoal work For My Fathers is based on twisted and tangled roots of live oaks in City Park. The more you look, new shapes and forms can emerge, sharing deeper ideas about emotions and human experiences. 

Take a moment to reflect on a goal or dream that you hold. In this drawing activity,  “plant” a seed—your goal or dream—and help it thrive and grow into reality as you draw your own flower! 

Materials: paper & drawing utensils


  1. Draw a horizon line. Above is the sky, and below is the soil and earth. 
  2. “Plant” a seed in the soil: this is your goal or dream. 
  3. Next, draw roots, a stem, and leaves. While you draw, think about what your goal or dream needs to grow and thrive! 
  4. It’s time to bloom! Add a flower: imagine achieving your goal or your dream coming true. 
  5. Optional: Add some encouraging words about each step of your flower’s journey to blooming and becoming a reality.