Art-Making Activity: Breathing Wands

Create your own breathing wand—a fun tool to help you take three deep breaths developed by community partner Project Peaceful Warriors.


  • Pipe cleaner
  • Feather
  • Beads


  1. Take your pipe cleaner and twist one end around the bottom of the feather.
  2. Add three beads to the pipe cleaner.
  3. Make a loop at the bottom of the pipe cleaner (opposite end of feather) and twist to make a holder for your finger.


  1. Push the beads to the bottom of the pipe cleaner. 
  2. Inhale.
  3. Exhale, blowing at the feather.
  4. Move one bead to the top of the pipe cleaner (by the feather) to count one breath. Repeat steps 5 – 7 two more times. 

About Project Peaceful Warriors

Project Peaceful Warriors is a New Orleans based non-profit whose mission is to provide trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness programming to schools—equipping students and educators with tools they can use to reduce stress and anxiety, combat burnout, and lead happier and healthier lives. 

Follow what Project Peaceful Warriors is up to on their Website, Instagram, or Youtube channel. Check out their Community Resource Folder for more mindful activities and digital materials.