What Do You Believe?

Around the world and throughout history artists have engaged with diverse beliefs in their artistic endeavors. Here is an opportunity for you to participate in an exchange of beliefs within the NOMA community.

A belief statement can be a personal philosophy, a guiding idea that you live by, a reason for doing what you do. There is no wrong answer, and there is no right answer in this activity. We suggest being honest, being positive, and being personal in your response.

There are two ways to participate in this activity:

(1) Type a personal belief statement in the text field below. Then hit submit.

(2) Print a copy of the response card to draw a personal belief.


Take a photo of your response and upload it to Instagram or email it to education@noma.org.

Submissions will be shared in the photo gallery on this page and on NOMA’s Instagram account, hashtag #explorenoma. Take some time to look through the submissions to see what other community members believe.

Additional Exploration

Investigate this theme further by visiting these online resources.

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