Past Exhibitions

Making a Mark: The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection

ended on April 8th, 2012

This exhibition includes works in a variety of media- sculptures, prints, paintings, and photographic collages- but the Vogels were especially interested in drawings of all kinds, from preparatory sketches and designs for sculptures to discrete finished works. Read More

Wayne Gonzales: Light to Dark / Dark to Light

ended on February 26th, 2012

The exhibition features paintings depicting crowds, which Gonzales is well‐known for, including waiting crowds in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The newest painting is a large blue Seated Crowd completed this year, depicts a passive audience in a movie theater. Gonzales will also paint two original murals on the walls of the galleries that will contrast idyllic scenes of nature with war images. Read More


ended on January 29th, 2012

Founded by the curator Dan Cameron, Prospect New Orleans is one of the leading biennials of international contemporary art in the United States. Conceived in the tradition of the great international biennials, such as the Venice Biennale and the Bienal de São Paulo, Prospect New Orleans showcases new artistic practices from around the world in… Read More

Bookmarks: The Artist’s Response to Text

ended on November 28th, 2011

The genre of the livre d’artiste emerged in the late 19th century and astonished contemporaries. This marked the first time artwork been arranged within a book, allowing for the interaction of pictures and text. Read More

Residents and Visitors: 20th-Century Photographs of Louisiana

ended on November 28th, 2011

The exhibition drew from the holdings of both museums and featured more than 100 photographs by artists who lived or worked in Louisiana. Offering glimpses of Louisiana and its people throughout the 20th century, Residents and Visitors also displayed the evolution of photographic technology. Read More

Upcoming Exhibitions

New Photography: Create, Collect, Compile

on view starting April 17th, 2020

Over the past two decades, the ways in which we create, collect, and compile photographs have shifted dramatically. In broad strokes, we might define this shift as away from photographs as singular, iconic, and private objects to a ubiquitous, public, and collective phenomenon that is now often immaterial. This exhibition presents the work of four photographers, all of whom work with, and critique, these new practices in photography. Unified by their understanding of the photograph as an ambiguous messenger, each of these artists creates, collects, or compiles photographs to trace narratives about identity, community, and power. Read More

Dawn DeDeaux: The Space Between Worlds

on view starting October 16th, 2020

Dawn DeDeaux: The Space Between Worlds is the first comprehensive museum exhibition for the pioneering multimedia artist Dawn DeDeaux. Since the 1970s, DeDeaux’s practice has spanned video, performance, photography, and installation to create art that exists at the edge of the Anthropocene. Anticipating a future imperiled by the runaway population growth, breakneck industrial development, and the looming threat of climate change, DeDeaux has long worked between worlds of the present and the future. Read More

Current Exhibitions

Ancestors in Stone

on view through July 27th, 2020

A recently acquired akwanshi stone monolith from the Cross River region of Nigeria forms the centerpiece of a focus exhibition featuring stone as a material used in ancestral veneration among West African cultures. Read More

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