NOMA presented a new exhibition of paintings and calligraphy by the most significant Japanese Zen master of the past 500 years, Hakuin Ekaku.

Hakuin invented a new visual language for Zen, using folk and everyday subjects in addition to traditional Zen themes. His influence in both teaching and art remains unequaled in Zen today.

“In celebration of our centennial year, NOMA is proud to present this exhibition of Hakuin’s work. This exhibition features major loans, but also highlights our extensive permanent collection of Japanese art,” said Susan Taylor, Director of the New Orleans Museum of Art.

These works demonstrate the extraordinary range, vitality, humor, power and depth of the Zen master. Although created nearly four centuries ago, they continue to profoundly affect both art lovers and Zen adherents.

This exhibition was on view at NOMA until April 17, 2011.

Exhibit 1 (One Hand)

Exhibit 4 (One Hand)

Exhibit 3 (One Hand)

Exhibit 2 (One Hand)