Odyssey: A Celebration 300 years in the Making presented by IBERIABANK


The Odyssey Ball celebrates and enhances the New Orleans Museum of Art in an evening of unparalleled elegance. Critically important to our treasured museum and the wide community it serves, Odyssey raises the funds necessary to support NOMA’s nationally-recognized exhibitions and educational programs, which bring more than 250,000 annual visitors to the museum and sculpture garden.

Odyssey 2017 will commemorate the city’s Tri-centennial and highlight NOMA’s and Odyssey’s integral place in New Orleans’ cultural life and history. Odyssey — now in its 51st year — has created its own New Orleans tradition. Odyssey: A Celebration 300 Years in the Making presented by IBERIABANK will continue this legacy on Saturday, November 4, 2017 in NOMA’s enduring marble halls.

Odyssey Chairs

Carmen and Kelly Duncan
Shaun and Foster Duncan
Sweet and Ben Dupuy
Kitty and Stephen Sherrill


Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Jep Epstein Trio

LSU vs Alabama Football Tailgate à la NOMA


1718 Catering and Events-Hyatt Regency New Orleans





Kitty and Stephen Sherrill
The Waring Family
Zemurray Foundation


Feil Family Foundation
The Lupin Foundation
Michele Reynoir and Kevin Clifford


AOS Interior Environments
Margaret and Ken Beer
Lois W. Brupbacher
Lucy Burnett and Gregory Holt
Anne Monteleone Burr and Denise Monteleone
Cathy and Rivie Cary
Marjorie and Scott Cowen
Crescent Capital Consulting
Margo Dubos and Juli Miller Hart
Carmen and Kelly Duncan
Shaun and Foster Duncan
Eclectic Home
Deborah Augustine Elam and Cary Grant
Falcon V Holdings
Tim L. Fields
Frischhertz Electric Co., Inc.
Marla Garvey
Gayle and Tom Benson Charitable Foundation
Katherine and Tony Gelderman
Goldring Family Foundation
The Gravley Family
Dana and Steve Hansel
Adrea Heebe and Dominick Russo
Marshall A. Hevron
Tina and Robert Hinckley
Drs. Tarun and Rupa Jolly
Jones Walker LLP
Sara and David Kelso
Lynn and Fred Lyon
Judith Young Oudt and Friends
Pan-American Life Insurance Group
Janice Parmelee and Bill Hammack
Patrick Family Foundation
Reed Hilderbrand LLC
Carol and Thomas Reese
Pixie and Jimmie Reiss
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Rosen
Josephine Sacabo and Dalt Wonk
Penny Saer and James George Coulter
Sheila and Britton Sanderford
Aimée and Mike Siegel
St. Charles Avenue Magazine
Susu and Andrew Stall
Paulette and Frank Stewart
Melanee and Steve Usdin
Kathleen and Terry White
Virginia and Michael White
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J.A. Williams


Syndey and Walda Besthoff
Joy and Boysie Bollinger
Jeanie and Peter Coleman
Sweet and Ben Dupuy
Nancy and Stephen Hales
Stephanie and Jim Huger
Joan and Steven Jacob
JP Morgan Chase & Co
Kim Kouri and Tom Garbee
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Langenstein III
Cammie and Charles Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. L. Richards McMillan II
Drs. Joy and Howard Osofsky
Julia Reed
Tia and Jimmy Roddy
Katherine and Robbie Saer
Liz and Poco Sloss
Mrs. Joe D. Smith, Jr.
Jane and Rodney Steiner
Tasha and Chip Sternbergh
Ebie and Berney Strauss
Sarah and Patrick Vance
Kathleen and Charlie Van Horn


Cathy and Morris Bart
Barbara Beckman
Valerie Besthoff
Elizabeth A. Boh
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph O. Brennan
E. John Bullard
Mary and Miles Clements
Edie Darragh
Catherine and David Edwards
Eskew + Dumez + Ripple
Susan and Jimmy Gundlach
Mrs. S. Herbert Hirsch
Elly and Merritt Lane
Sally and Jay Lapeyre
Lee Ledbetter
Mr. and Mrs. Cedric David Martin
Ms. Joby Ochsner
Roger Ogden
Holly and Geoffrey Snodgrass
Pamela and Robert Steeg
Catherine Burns Tremaine
Dr. Lawrence and Joan Zaslow




Hendrick’s Gin
Sazerac Company


Ace Hotel New Orleans
Wayne Amedee
Audubon Dermatology
Mac Ball and Cole Pratt Gallery
Ron Bechet
Raine Bedsole
Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights
Melissa Bonin Gallery
Marion Cage
Nicole Charbonnet
Commander’s Palace
Dapper Bruce Lafitte

Duane Couch
George Dunbar
Joan Hooper Feibelman
Skylar Fein, courtesy of Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans
Sarah Freeman
Nurhan Gokturk, courtesy of Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans
Simon B. Gunning, courtesy of Arthur Roger Gallery
Gretchen Weller Howard with Soren Christensen Gallery
Scott P. Howard
Julie Neill
Francesca ‘Frahn’ Koerner
Beth Lambert
Fifi B. Laughlin
Logan Ledford
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry
Norah Lovell
Malin Massage Therapy
Mignon Faget, Ltd.
Leroy Miranda, Jr.
Jack Niven and Marianne Desmarais
Octavia Art Gallery and Scott Andresen
Auseklis Ozols
Anne Michael Pappas
The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans
Bradley Sabin
Saks Fifth Avenue
Karoline Schleh
Mary Helen Seago
Julie Silvers Art
Soniat House
St. Regis Hotel Deer Valley
Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation
Michel Varisco
Rebecca Vizard
Windsor Court Hotel
Wirthmore Antiques
Youth Sports Alliance


Penny and Robert Autenreith
Barbara Beckman
Mrs. Gayle Benson
Gail and Ned Bergin
Elizabeth A. Boh
Susan Brennan
Joey Brown
Ella Camburnbeck
Cathy Cary
Constance Cowart
Madeline Jonathan deLaureal
David deLaureal
Lake Douglas
Margo DuBos
Katherine Saer Duncan
Karen and Brooke Duncan
Gregory Feirn
Stephanie Feoli
Welles Fitzpatrick
Glendy Forster
Ashley and Tim Francis
Lulu and Billy Freiberg
Katherine Gelderman
Julie and Ted George
William Gibbens
Dana Hansel
Juli Miller Hart
Sharon Hearn
Mrs. Hunter Hill
Eleanor Lucas Hohnstein
Stephanie Huger
Joan and Steve Jacob
Margaret Jones
Mimi and John Koch
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Langenstein, III
Sally Lapeyre
Courtney Le Clercq
Julie LeCorgne
Faye Lieder
Lynn and Fred Lyon
Pam and Cedric Martin
Cammie Mayer
Marjorie A. McKeithen
Christa Montgomery
Margaret Nicolson
Nat Phillips
David Pons
Katie and Shaun Rafferty
Anne Redd
Julia Reed
Sally E. Richards
Caroline Robert
Elizabeth Ryan
Katherine Saer
Peggy Sanchez
Shelby Sanderford
Robyn Dunn Schwarz
Liz and Poco Sloss
Holly Sharp Snodgrass
Elizabeth and Tim Soslow
Virginia Lyons Speed
Dr. and Mrs. W. Charles Sternbergh III
Mr. and Mrs. Berney Strauss
Mary L. Stumpf
Trey Trahan
Kathleen Van Horn
Kathleen and Ben Waring
Calais Waring
Lexie and Will Waring
Lynda Warshauer
Dot Weisler
Charles L. Whited
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Winston
Mr. and Mrs. D. Brent Wood
Joan Zaslow


DJ and violinist Timothee Lovelock, Roland Montealegre/Urban Earth, Perrier Party Rentals, SeeHear Productions, Uptown Frames