Odyssey 2018: All That Glitters in partnership with IBERIABANK


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DJ Valida

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Nancy and Franco Valobra



Feil Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Gilder III
Goldring Family Foundation
The Lupin Foundation
Mr. Robert Lupo and Dr. Mary Lupo
Judith Young Oudt and Friends
Sheila and Britton Sanderford
Robyn and Andrew Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Sherrill
Smoothie King
Allison and Ben Tiller



Azalea Energy
Lucy Burnett and Gregory Holt
Children’s Hospital
Crescent Capital Consulting, LLC
Cushman Multifamily Charitable Fund/ Larry G. Schedler & Associates
Margo Dubos and Juli Miller Hart
Frischhertz Electric Co, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Garvey Fund
Gayle and Tom Benson Charitable Foundation
Katherine and Tony Gelderman
The Gravley Family
Harrah’s New Orleans Casino
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Heard
Jennifer and Fred Heebe
Marshall A. Hevron
Alicia and Michael Johnson
Jones Walker
Sara and David Kelso
Ann and Michael Landolt
Greer and David Monteleone
Pan-American Life Insurance Group
Janice Parmelee and Bill Hammack
Patrick F. Taylor Foundation
Reed Hilderbrand LLC
Carol and Thomas Reese
Caroline and Bo Reily
Sally E. Richards
The Rigdon Family
Sher Garner Cahill Richter Klein & Hilbert L.L.C.
Aimée and Mike Siegel
Susu and Andrew Stall
Jane and Rodney Steiner
Matilda Gray Stream
Norris and Bob Williams
Woodward Design and Build



Carla and Jay Adams
Sydney and Walda Besthoff
Lynne Burkart
Sandra and Elwood Cahill
Marjorie and Scott Cowen
Carmen and Kelly Duncan
Shaun and Foster Duncan
Fiorenza/ Holinga Family
Dathel and John Georges
Susan and Jimmy Gundlach
The Hall Foundation
Adrea D. Heebe and Dominick A. Russo, Jr.
Karen and Steve Herman
Sandra and Russ Herman
Deirdre and Christian Hooper
Joan and Steven Jacob
John W. Deming & Bertie Murphy Deming Foundation
Drs. Rupa and Tarun Jolly
Daniela and Elie Khoury
Sally and Jay Lapeyre
Legacy Capital Partners
Liberty Bank
Magnolia Fleet LLC
Cammie and Charles Mayer
Elizabeth and Willy Monaghan
Nell Pape W. Waring and William W. Waring Fund
Lori and Lock Ochsner
Drs. Joy and Howard Osofsky
Debbie and Rick Rees
River Construction
Wendy Rodrigue and Douglas Magnus
Donna and Benjamin Rosen
E. Alexandra Stafford and Raymond M. Rathle, Jr.
Paulette and Frank Stewart



Cathy and Morris Bart
Valerie Besthoff
Elizabeth A. Boh
Dana and Stephen Hansel
Elly and Merritt Lane
Catherine Makk
Dr. Kenya and Quentin L. Messer, Jr.
Suzanne and Mike Mestayer
Cherie and Ryan Moore
Pixie and Jimmy Reiss
Josephine Sacabo
Melanee and Steve Usdin



Rep. and Mrs. Neil Abramson
Alex Berger Foundation
Cathy and Morris Bart
Donna Kay Berger
Edel Blanks
Edward Bonin and Rene J.L. Fransen
Virginia Boulet and Alvin R. Albe, Jr.
Dr. Vincent and Mrs. Lindy Brencick
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph O. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Capomazza di Campolattaro
Mr. and Mrs. John Charpentier
Stephen Clayton
Dathel and Tommy Coleman
Cary J. Deaton
Anne R. Duffy and Dr. John R. Skinner
Catherine and David Edwards
Deborah Augustine Elam and Cary Grant
Diana Pipes Eustis
Pam Davis Friedler
Nan and Britt Galloway
Cherie and Anne Gauthier
Julie and Ted George
Stacy and James Guest
Shannon Gunther
Robert Hinckley
Mrs. S. Herbert Hirsch
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kazour
Rania and Hicham Khodr
Melanie and Mickey Loomis
Jamie D. Manders, DDS & James M. Riopelle, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Murphy
Vivian Palmisano
Cynthia Pazos
Betty and Jeff Poole
Linda and Gary Raphael
Anne and Edmund Redd
Eduardo E. Rodriguez, MD
Erica Schroeder
Laura Scriba
Liz and Poco Sloss
Holly Sharp Snodgrass
Pamela and Robert Steeg
Lynne and Hugh C. Uhalt
Dr. and Mrs. A. Gardner Wade
Dawn A. Wheelahan
Elizabeth and James Williams
Dr. Lawrence and Joan Zaslow


Young Fellows

Brooke Anderson
Rachel J. Audibert
Jessie Bland
Thomas Branighan
Olivia Carisella
Dr. Mercedes Carswell and David O. Somjah
Elizabeth Cerniglia
Drs. Allison and Wesley Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Garret DeReus
Megan Discon
Julie Doan
Dr. Laura Finn
Natalie and Conar Fitton
Drs. Michelle and Nihal Godiwala
Katherine Hebert
Elizabeth Heebe-Russo
Fabulous Fetes LLC/ Ann Heslin
Megan Howard
Megan Impastato
Benjamin E. Karp
Meg Alsfeld Kaul
Rachel K. Kiedrowski
Anne S. Kock
Jessica Landry
Conor Lutkewitte
Celeste Marshall
Devin Martin
Rodolpho Martinez, Jr.
Ashley McNeal and Brian Smith
Taylor Morgan
Emily and Sterling Morrison
Natalie and Ryan Nagim
Nathaniel A. Novak
Will Reily
Charlotte Reiss
Werner Robinson
Wesley Robinson
Ali Rosales
Fanor Rosales
Carol Starr
Claire Elizabeth Thriffiley
Margaret and Pierre Villere
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Vitrano
Sarah Whalen
Christopher Wheelahan


Media Sponsors


Silent Auction Donors

Wayne Amedee
Jennifer Ansardi
Ave Home
Mac Ball
Ron Bechet
Raine Bedsole
Chef Daniel Boulud
Bevolo Gas & Electric Light
Teresa Cole Courtesy of Callan Contemporary Gallery
Dathel and Tommy Coleman
Luis Colmenares
Duane Couch
Delta Air Lines
George Dunbar
Robert David Dutruch c/o Claire Elizabeth Gallery
John Ernst, III, MD
Fair Grounds Race Course and Slots
Skylar Fein Courtesy of JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY, New Orleans
Sarah Allen Freeman
James Henderson Courtesy of Octavia Art Gallery
Scott P. Howard
Yulia and John Houghtaling
Julie Neill Designs
Julie Silvers Art
Cynthia Carriere Koerner
Francesca Koerner
Joyce W. Laporte
Kristina Larson
Logan Ledford
Carlos Lopez
Luca Falcone
Marion Cage
Steve Martin
Mignon Faget, Ltd.
NCIS New Orleans
Terrance Osborne
Ruth Owens Courtesy of JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY, New Orleans
Anne Michael Pappas
Rell Art by Laurell Szczepanski
Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans
Rivers Spencer Interiors
The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans
Saks Fifth Avenue
Peter Sather | Classic Chandelier and Mirror/ Kid Gloves
Grant Schexnider
Karoline Schleh
Regina Scully Courtesy of Octavia Art Gallery
Aimée Farnet Siegel Courtesy of the Artist and JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY, New Orleans
St. James Hotel
Eugenie D. Suggs
Amanda Talley
Ken Tate Courtesy of Octavia Art Gallery
Tim Trapolin
Jon Vaccari
Mary von Kurnatowski
Windsor Court Hotel

2018 Committee

Kim Abramson
Kim Alvarez
Natasha Alveshire
Royd Anderson
Penny Baumer
Margarita Bergen
Kristin Blackwell
Elizabeth Boh
Lindy Brencick
Lisa Brooking
Sally and George Brower
Olivia Carisella
Jennifer Charpentier
Susie Cimini
Allison Clark
Bertha Deffes
Casey DeReus
Marigny Ernst and John R. Dildy
Lauren Favret
Tim Fields
Natalie and Conar Fitton
Glendy Forster
Statton Frank
Keith Frischhertz
Mamie Gasperecz
Cherie Gauthier
Joanna Giorlando
Melissa Mason Gordon
Danielle Gray
Stacy Guest
Shannon Gunther
Lisa Happoldt
Jennifer Heebe
Marshall A. Hevron
Lily Hines
Alecia Holinga
Joan and Steven Jacob
Benjamin Karp
Kathleen Kazour
Rania Khodr
Julie Kitziger
Katie LeGardeur
Anne Long
Catherine Makk
Ryan Martin
Cammie and Charles Mayer
Marcelle Meyer
Teejay Mitchell
Denise Monteleone
Greer and David Monteleone
Cherie Moore
Emily Morrison
Samantha Murrah-Morris
Victoria Nguyen
Judith Oudt
Vivian Palmisano
Pam Pickett
Margaret Plymale
Anne Redd
Charlotte Reiss
Sally Rinehart
Alejandra Rosales
Fanor Rosales
Lauren Ryan
Sheila Sanderford
Shelby Sanderford
Charlotte Sapir
Erica Schroeder
Jessica Schulman
Carol Short
Holly Snodgrass
Rivers Spencer
Florie Claire Synder
Elizabeth and Timothy Soslow
Corrie Pellerin Stakenborghs
Carol Starr
Kristin Stewart
Claire Elizabeth Thriffiley
Wil Velez
Kris Viguerie
Margaret and Pierre Villere
Diane Walmsley
Emily Webber
Dawn Wheelahan
Elizabeth Williams
Norris Williams
Amanda Winstead
Meredith and Dean Yount
Joan Zaslow
Shannon Zink

Valobra Master Jewelers Raffle (Closed)

$100 Per Ticket
Value: Priceless

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Event Design


Special Thanks

Roland Montealegre, Urban Earth
Perrier Party Rentals
Ron Bechet
SeeHear Productions


Hendrick’s Gin
Sazerac Company