Art in Bloom 2018: Queen of Arts, Celebrating 30 Years of Art in Bloom in Partnership with IBERIABANK



Event Chairs | Leslie Gottsegen and Courtney Le Clercq




Patron Party 6 pm | Preview Party 7 – 10 pm

The Patron and Preview Party features cuisine and libations from 30 top New Orleans restaurants, a silent auction featuring one-of-a-kind art, and live music. Guests enjoy an exclusive preview of the floral displays.



9:30 am | Charles Masson | NOMA

Charles Masson is an acclaimed restaurateur and author of The Flowers of La Grenouille (1994). He has a vast and diverse resume including: jewelry design; painting; china, glassware, and silverware design; guest speaking; and flower arranging. Masson has shown and sold his original art in many shows beginning in 1993 and at well known boutiques such as Treillage in New York and Hollyhock in Los Angeles. Masson is also an esteemed businessman who launched and later sold his own company “Charles Masson Designs Ltd” and most recently created the much anticipated “Marjorelle” restaurant at New York’s Lowell Hotel.


10:45 am | Lela Rose | NOMA

Lela Rose, American fashion designer, debuted her signature Lela Rose Collection in 1998 and the Lela Rose bridal collection in 2006.  Formally trained as a painter and sculptor, Rose employs a brilliant use of color, rich fabrication, sculptural silhouettes and handcrafted details.  Lela has received recognition from fashion editors, stylists and high profile celebrities who are regularly seen wearing her brand.  Rose, now a published author, released her first book, Pret–A-Party with Rizzoli in 2015 which celebrates her love of style and entertaining.

12:30 pm | Luncheon and Fashion Show | Pavilion of the Two Sisters | City Park

Saks Fifth Avenue presents the  Fall 2018 Collection with a personal appearance by Lela Rose

Catering by Ralph Brennan Catering and Events

Lectures presented by 


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Pixie and Jimmy Reiss


Rep. and Mrs. Neil Abramson
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Brown III
Caroline and Murray Calhoun
Tim L. Fields, Esq.
Ella and Walter Flower
Elaine Garvey
Carol and John Hall
Cathy and Rick Hood
Sally and Jay Lapeyre
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Lemann
Liberty Bank and Trust Company
Anne and Edmund Redd
Mr. and Mrs. Rick S. Rees
Lynn and Charlie Smith
Anne Reily Sutherlin
Susu and Andrew Stall
Sarah and George Young

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Nancy and Stephen Hales
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Adrea D. Heebe
Jennifer and Fred Heebe
Betsy Henson
Catherine Hinnant
Stephanie and Jim Huger
Heidi and Arthur Huguley
Sara and David Kelso
Glenda Krottinger and Dr. Jerry Cotner
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Diane Sustendal Labouisse
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Carla and Jay Adams
The Almar Foundation
Artworks by Holly Sarre
Ellen and Mac Ball
Penny L. Baumer
Margaret and Ken Beer
Virginia Boulet and Alvin R. Albe Jr.
Elinor S. Bright
Mr. and Mrs. Christian T. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Capomazza di Campolattaro
Mary and Miles Clements
Sheila and Hugh Collins
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Laurie and Warren Doyle
Shaun and Foster Duncan
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Leah and Miller Engelhardt
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Teresa Guzzetta
Mr. and Mrs. Harding
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The Lemoine Company
Lynne Uhalt Interiors
Catherine Makk
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Shelby and John Mills
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Liz Sloss
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Catherine Burns Tremaine
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Linda and Tommy Westfeldt
Elizabeth Wooten
Kathleen Zucker

Special Thanks

Stephanie Huger
Pavilion of the Two Sisters
The Soniat House Hotel
Saks Fifth Avenue
Uptown Frames

Patron and Preview Party Cuisine and Libations

Antoine’s Restaurant
Arnaud’s Restaurant
Blue Crab Restaurant and Oyster Bar
Blue Oak BBQ
Catering by Laura Arrowood
Catering D’Orleans
Commander’s Palace
Creole Creamery
Dakota Restaurant
Delgado Culinary Department
Five Happiness
Galatoire’s Restaurant
Goldring Family Foundation
Gordon Biersch
GW Fins
JCB Creations
Martin’s Wine Cellar Catering
Mr. B’s Bistro
Nolavore Catering
The Pelican Club Restaurant
Pralines by Jean.. and Cupcakes too!
St. James Cheese Company
Taj Mahal & Nirvana Indian Cuisine
Vessel Nola
The Wine Seller


Kohlmeyer and Co

Silent Auction Donors

Karen Abboud
Ace Hotel New Orleans
Alexis Walter Art
Mac Ball
Raine Bedsole
Caitlin Bella
Tony Benjamin
Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights
Claudia Blom-Nieuwpoort
Zana Ranđelović Brown
Marion Cage
Julie Ann Connick
Sam Crosby
Irina Cupp
Lauren Reynolds Davis
George Dunbar
Natalie Erwin
Saskia Ozols Eubanks
Randolph Tucker Fitz-Hugh
Ella Flower
Oksana Fogg
Friend and Company
Kevin Gillentine
Kim Bullen Designs
Glassblower Ben
Miki Glasser
Elaine Gleason
Guy Lyman Fine Art
Nurhan Gokturk courtesy of Jonathan Ferrara Gallery
Page Goss
James Gundlach
Karen Gundlach
Martha Guthrie, NWS
Nancy Hales
Halley Hastings
Carolyn Hayne
Patricia D. Henderson
Stephanie Henderson
Holly Mabry Poole Art
Campbell Hutchinson
Robin Kanner
Katie Koch Home
Belinda Knowles
Helen Kohnke
Maureen Krail
Beth Lambert
Patti Lapeyre
Nancy Hirsch Lassen
Fifi Laughlin
Logan Ledford
Vicki Lee
Ricky Lemann
Liz Sloss Designs
Lory Lockwood
Megan Lovoi
Sheldon Lykes
Sharika Mahdi
Kathleen K. Matthews
Lizzie McCleskey
Leah Messer
Mignon Faget
Micey Moyer
Julie Neill
Charlotte Parrino
Pied Nu
Cleland Powell
Faures Rathbone
Annie W. Richardson
Amanda Holt Robicheaux
Avery Rowan
Alfred Rufty, MD
Rhenda Saporito
Richard Sexton
Hunt Slonem
Amanda Talley
Belinda Tanno
Nell C. Tilton
Tim Trapolin
Julie Trice
Corine Regelink van Leeuwen
Tony Watts
Marilyn Woolverton
Lynn Zakem


Creative Designs

Steve Baker, Floral Designer
Trish Daugherty, Artist/ Designer
Randolph Tucker Fitz-Hugh, Chef/ Artist | The Garnished Palette
Kathy Slater Design Collection
Katy Beh Jewelry
Meredith Martello, Artist/ Interior Designer
Paul Norman AIFD | Thibodeaux’s Floral Studio
Scriptura | Margaret Jones and Sallie Jones
Stephen Sonnier | Dunn and Sonnier Antiques, Florals, Gifts
Yvonne LaFleur New Orleans
Zana Brown Studio | Zana Ranđelović-Brown

Exterior Designers

Anthony’s Landscaping
Beverly Katz Landscape
Landscape Images Ltd | Kim Alvarez and Marianne Mumford
Mullin Landscape Associates
The Plant Gallery
Paul Soniat, Director | New Orleans Botanical Garden
Robin Tanner, Landscape Architect

Garden Clubs

Acres of Green Garden Club
Aurora Plantation Garden Club
Country Club Home Gardeners
Driftwood Park Garden Club
English Turn Garden Club
Garden Study Club of New Orleans
Hammond Garden Club
Junior League of New Orleans Garden Club
Lake Vista Garden Club
Lakeview Botany Guild
Magnolia Forest Garden Club
New Orleans Garden Society
River Ridge Garden Club
Secret Garden Club
Shady Oaks Garden Club
Tchefuncta Home and Garden Club
Town and Country Garden Club
Town Gardeners of New Orleans


DeeDee Adams – Sogetsu
Sylvia Blanchard – Ichyo
Betty Butz – Sogetsu
Joan Butz – Sogetsu
Sally Cockerham – Ichyo
Richard Cranford – Sogetsu
Jackie Gamble – Sogetsu
Emilie Garoutte – Sogetsu
Maria Griffin – Ichyo
Esther Jordan – Sogetsu
Mitsuki Kennair – Ikenobo
Betty Lyons – Ichyo
Betty Rena – Ikenobo & Ichyo
Sumiko Roach – Ichyo
Diane Saye – Kodoruy
Carol Smith – Ichyo
Hiroko Tsuzuki – Ichyo
Susie Vanderkuy – Sogetsu
Marilyn Wolfe – Sogetsu

Movers and Shakers

The Advocate
Patti Constantin
Katie Koch Home
Kern Studios/ Friend and Company Fine Jewelers
Kim Starr Wise Floral Events
Octavia Art Gallery
Julie Silvers

Professional Florists

Brandi Charlot | Blucid Floral
Compass Point Events | Erin Steen French, Designer
Dunn and Sonnier
Glenda Ivy Designs
Iris Floral Event
Kim Starr Wise Floral Events
Nola-Flora | Debbie Lambert, Designer
Nola- Flora | Morgan Fenick, Designer
The Plant Gallery
Kim Sayatovic, Founder/ Creative Director | Belladeaux Event Design, LLC
Margaret Ludwig, Owner/ Designer | Giverny Design
Sophisticated Styles by Susan Marcotte
Thibodeaux’s Floral Studio
Tina Turner, Professional Floral Designer
Villere’s Florist


Grace Kaynor Interior Design/ Sotre
Graci Interiors
Marian DeMeyers Designs
Taylor Morgan, Editor of the Scout Guide New Orleans
Rivers Spencer

Young Artists

Archbishop Chapelle
Students/ Youth-
Isidore Newman School
Jefferson Parish Talent
Louise S. McGehee School
Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle-Orleans
Lynn Oaks School Art Appreciation Class, Braithwaite, LA
Magnolia School
Metairie Park Country Day
St. Dominic School
St. George’s Episcopal School
Trinity Episcopal School
Ursuline Academy


Penny Baumer
Margaret Beer
Kia Brown
Caroline Calhoun
Meredith Claiborne
Mathilde Currence
Lauren Davis
Pam Georges Dongieux
Megan Eustis
Sarah Feirn
Nina Friend
Julie George
Anne Guillot
Karen Gundlach
Nancy Hales
Carolyn Hayne
Jennifer Heebe
Katie Hovas
Stephanie Huger
Heidi Huguley
Susan Johnson
Tavi Jones
Lilla Kearney
Katherine Koerner
Holt Kolb
Brett Lapeyre
Marley Lebourgeois
Margaret LeCorgne
Lynn Long
Cammie Mayer
Charlotte Meade
Shelby Mills
Dana Moore
Anne Redd
Pixie Reiss
Sarah Reiss
Macon Riddle
Kim Roddy
Anna Schaefer
Ann Koppel Schreiner
Stacey Serro
Holly Snodgrass
Susu Stall
Kate Tucker
Fran Villere
Diane Walmsley
Kate Werner
Elizabeth Wooten

Garden Study Club President

Elly Lane

NOMA Volunteer Comittee Chair

Anne Redd