Theatre’s Spring Shower: A Preview Of The Upcoming Season

By Jim Fitzmorris on Nola Defender

Amazingly, life does go on in New Orleans between Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest.

Our calendar is not a complete caesura in the time after the last float rolls and the moment before tens of thousands pour into The Fairgrounds. Cultural events like French Quarter Fest, Easter, St. Patrick’s and St. Joseph all have their time in the warming Spring weather, however, there is nothing so large as to drown out the theatrical activity in town. So, why not have a theatre season? In fact, look closely at the approaching two months, and you will see there is one upon us. All one need to do is declare it as such.

Okay, then. It is theatre season.

And with that mind, we would like to give you a pick six of recommendations, provide an overview for the coming months, and finally, tease you with a story worth following in the coming year. If this column has any say so in the matter, it hopes you will begin to see the end of Carnival as a chance to watch others do the performing for you while you sit in the air-conditioned dark and wait for the musicians to arrive in the last week of April.


The Hunting of the Snark (Through March 17) We think highly of this work and are interested to see both how it translates outside in The Sculpture Garden and as more adult fare at The Backyard Ballroom. An unleashing of words and movement, Snark is accessible for children of all ages, and it is the least pandering offering for youngsters either of us has seen in quite sometime.

Developing Story to Follow:
The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane’s All Hamlet Season versus The NOLA Project’s As You Like It at NOMA. We are going to find out if New Orleans can support two high-quality Shakespeare companies.