Review: Self-Taught Genius

By D. Eric Bookhardt, | The Gambit This article originally appeared here As show titles go, this Self-Taught Genius expo of masterworks from the American Folk Art Museum poses a unique question: How does one become a self-taught genius? Most would-be art geniuses go to school, but only learn about other people’s genius. Some,… Read More

10 must-see pieces in new NOMA exhibits

BY JOHN D’ADDARIO| SPECIAL TO THE ADVOCATE This article originally appeared here NOMA curatorial assistant Anne C.B. Roberts shares some don’t-miss moments in “Self-Taught Genius” and “Unfiltered Visions” exclusively with Advocate readers: 1. George Widener, Funeral for Titanic 2007 (in “Self-Taught Genius”) This fascinating, intricate drawing by “calendar-savant” George Widener records every Tuesday from the… Read More

Images Open 24 Hrs

By Charlie Tatum | Pelican Bomb This article originally appeared here I find it nearly impossible free ice to write about Jeepaxle my work. The concept I planetarium struggle to deal with ketchup is opposed to the logical community lift tab inherent in language horses and communication. My fascination with images open 24 hrs. is… Read More

100 Novels

By Lucie Monk Carter | Country Roads Magazine This article originally appeared here I heard the artist before I saw him: he and I were introduced by the hypnotic chorus of typewriter keys ricocheting off the State Capitol ceiling four stories above. When I turned the corner from the elevators, I found Tim Youd typing… Read More

Exclusive: Curator’s top picks from ‘Visions of US’ at NOMA | The New Orleans Advocate This article originally appeared here Katie Pfohl, NOMA’s Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art and curator of the “Visions of US” exhibition, shares five don’t-miss works from the show exclusively for Advocate readers. 1. François Fleischbein (American/German, 1804-1868) Portrait of a Free Woman of Color, circa 1833-1835 This portrait,… Read More