Take The Family To The Big Easy

Take the family to the Big Easy
New Orleans offers perfect end-of-summer family weekend getaway

“Take the Canal Streetcar from the aquarium to the end of the line and you’ll arrive at City Park. Enter Storyland, a play land with 26 ambitious storybook exhibits that feature sculpted characters created by Mardi Gras float makers and shows presented by the Storyland Players at the Puppet Castle.

While there, take a ride on an antique carousel, one of only 100 antique wooden carousels remaining in the country and the last one in Louisiana, at the park’s Carousel Gardens Amusement Park.

City Park also contains the New Orleans Botanical Gardens, New Orleans Museum of Art and its impressive Sculpture Garden, four 18- hole golf courses, one of the largest tennis facilities in the South, horseback riding stables, an ice cream parlor and the largest assortment of mature live oaks in the world, some hundreds of years old.”