Photo Guidelines and Permits

Guests who are visiting NOMA and the Besthoff Sculpture Garden are encouraged to take informal photos for personal use. Video and flash photography are not allowed, and some exhibits may prohibit photography, when posted. NOMA staff can answer any questions you have when you visit.  


  • Follow all museum and Besthoff Sculpture Garden guidelines.
  • Please be considerate of other visitors.
  • Do not block sidewalks or pathways.
  • No extended use of a single area or artwork*.
  • Photos for personal use only.
  • No commercial photography. (See below for NOMA’s definition of commercial photography)

Personal Use Photography

(Does not need a permit if requirements are met)


  • Follow all regular museum/sculpture garden guidelines.
  • Do not block sidewalks or pathways, and no extended use of a single area or artwork*.
  • Amateur photographers only. Only cell phone cameras and non-professional equipment are allowed to be used.
  • Portraits are not allowed in museum interior spaces.
  • Total party must not exceed 5 people, including photographer(s), and must not last more than 1 hour.
  • No commercial photography. (See below for NOMA’s definition of commercial photography)

NOMA reserves the right to prohibit photography in any area at any time. 

Our priority is first and foremost our visitors.

Commercial Photography for the Portico and Besthoff Sculpture Garden

(Requires permit)

Commercial photography is any situation where pictures are being taken and money is changing hands (i.e. photographer is being paid, model is being paid, photos will be used in the sale of a product or service, etc..); or if professional equipment is used (i.e. tripod, large lightboxes, scrims, etc…); or if hair/make-up or outfit changes will take place; or if the photoshoot will last more than 1 hour or involve props of any kind.

A photo permit must be requested 48 hours in advance of any photo shoot that will occur inside or outside the museum or Besthoff Sculpture Garden, for a cost of $50 per client for 2 hours, with $25 for each additional hour thereafter, up to 4 hours maximum. Additional clients may incur additional charges. Only approved photo permits with proof of payment will be honored in-person. Permits must be requested by the photographer, not the subject.

To request a photo permit, please email the following information to Please note that no permits are issued on Saturdays after 3 pm.

  • Date of Shoot:
  • Start Time of Shoot:
  • End Time of Shoot:
  • Location of Shoot (NOMA Portico or Sculpture Garden):
  • Purpose of Photos (Engagement, Graduation, etc…):
  • Number of people in the party (including photographers):
  • Name of Photographer:
  • Name of Company:
  • Contact Phone Number:
  • Contact Email:

Photo, Film, and Television Shoots Inside NOMA

(Requires Event Rental Agreement)

  • For publication (ad, magazine, brochure, online)
  • Filming of any kind
  • After-hours or requiring exclusive use of an area

Send requests to NOMA’s Private Events Manager at or 504.658.4139.

*Photography of certain works require advance permission. Such works are protected by an artist’s copyright and can only be photographed in a general gallery view, in which the copyright-protected artwork is not the primary focus or a predominant element in the photograph. Some works may only be available for photography by agreeing to pay fees instituted by the copyright holder. All copyright permissions are the responsibility of the photographer. Please  click here for more information on rights and reproductions, before you make your request.