Message from NVC Chair Jennifer Heebe

What an amazing Fall for NVC members. It seems like we go from one event directly to the next one! And what exciting and successful events they have been! Each one is a testament to the hard work and creativity of our volunteers! Heartfelt thanks to all of you who make NVC the vibrant organization it is!

First, I can’t remember a night that got as many compliments as this year’s LOVE in the Garden! Or, should I say LOVE in the Gardens? Second lining from the new addition of The Sculpture Garden to the “old” section gave all of us a smile of satisfaction – a vision for expansion realized. And the addition just makes The Sculpture Garden that much more magical. A huge congratulations to the dynamic Trio of The Mayers, Georges and Siegels. This party was truly one for the record books and a memory none of us will soon forget!

Up next, one of the premiere events in the city—The Odyssey Ball. If you have not already purchased your tickets—it is not too late. I promise you do not want to miss this year’s celebration. It promises to be a beautiful party and loads of fun! The Jollys and the Redds have worked so hard and have a very special night in store. We really need everyone to volunteer to help to make this year a big success. Please be on the lookout for emails telling you how you can help leading up to the gala.

One of the highlights of the year for me personally was meeting the flower captains! Cammie Mayer and I hosted this great group of ladies for a coffee in their honor as a way to say thank you! Some of these ladies have been arranging flowers for the Great Hall for 20 plus years. To see all those ladies get together and share their passion for flowers and express their commitment to NOMA was just so touching. They are a great group of generous women and we are so blessed that they choose to give their time and talent to the museum.

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to all of you who have made this year so special! As I was walking down the hall the other morning, I could hear the laughter and chatter of ladies already gathered around tables ready to volunteer.Coming in the room, I was struck by the number of women, the different ages and backgrounds…all shoulder to shoulder ready to collate Odyssey invitations, then stuff envelopes, label, seal and send to thousands of mailboxes across the city.  The tedious work always becomes something special as we visit, catch up and laugh. While this year has been a lot of hard work and very important work to support the museum it has also been a lot FUN. And, I think that is something that makes NVC so special. I won’t soon forget the fundraisers, the envelopes, the speakers, the meetings or the FUN!

Thank you for the privilege of serving as NVC Chair. It was a wonderful experience.

Jennifer Heebe