Baby Artsplay! at NOMA

Instill a love of art at a young age through a guided, hands-on gallery experience. Young Audiences Wolf Trap teaching artists will present a series of 6 free workshops for caregivers and children ages 0-3 and 3-4 in separate back-to-back sessions on Saturday mornings. Learn how to integrate music, movement, and drama into everyday playtime to foster children’s developmental growth.



Space is limited. Please note, registration opens two weeks before the workshop date. Register online at Eventbrite.

Contact or 504.658.4128 if you have any questions.

Baby Artsplay! (Newborns/Infants, Ages 0-3) Saturdays at 10:30 am

June 1 | Lesson 1 – Oh, What a Feeling! (Emotional)
June 8 | Lesson 2 – Hello, Friend (Social)
June 15 | Lesson 3 – Express Yourself (Early Language)
June 22 | Lesson 4 – Tiny Motor Scooters (Fine Motor)
June 29| Lesson 5 – Baby Balancing Acts (Bilateral Integration)
July 13 | Lesson 6 – Tiny Household Helpers (Incorporated Development Areas)


Baby Artsplay! Tiny Explorers Series (Ages 3-4) Saturdays at 11:00 am

June 1 | “1-2-3, Count With Me” (Math Foundations)

We’re making groceries! One-to-one number correspondence, or understanding that the word “one” is directly connected to one item, is an important foundation in math. What better way to explore it than with food? Sing and count along as we play in everyone’s favorite room in the house, the kitchen!

June 8 | “Pass It Along” (Social Skills)

Social skills are foundational to learning in all other domains. Children build the capacity for success in preschool and beyond by establishing themselves as individuals, exploring what it means to possess something, and recognizing the emotions of others. Help little ones develop the skills for healthy social interaction by playing passing and sharing games.

June 15 | “Opposites Attract” (Word Relations)

Up and down; large  and small; big and little; fast and slow.  Learning about opposites is a great way for children to develop their critical thinking skills. This early exploration with comparison builds the foundations of a host of mathematical concepts, including understanding measurement, time, and spatial reasoning.

June 22 | “Fun at the Zoo” (Motor Skills)

They all asked for you! Standing on one foot, bending, reaching and walking in circles are important benchmarks for developing motor skills at this age. Let us show you how to get your child’s muscles moving as we mimic animals while singing and parading.

June 29 | “Mirror, Mirror” (Emotional Skills)

Children take their cues from the grown-ups around them. At this age, they become aware of feelings and ideas through mimicry. Learn how you can positively impact the emotional understanding of your child’s feelings using imitation games to model and express all the ways she might feel.

July 13 | “Wild at Art!” (Imaginative play)

Get your “paint brushes” ready. Imaginative play helps your child to process the world around them. Explore colors through drama, with a pretend painting activity that is mess-free! Learn how to engage your child’s creative side through imaginary play.



About Young Audiences
For over 50 years, Young Audiences of Louisiana has operated arts in education programs that promote academic excellence and social growth through the arts. Studies have shown that students enrolled in Young Audiences programs outperformed their peers on standardized tests, exhibited fewer disciplinary issues, and had increased school attendance.

About Wolf Trap Institute
Young Audiences / Louisiana Wolf Trap has been an affiliate of The Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts since 2010. The Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, a program of the Wolf Trap Foundation, was established in 1981 under a grant from the Head Start Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services serving children birth through kindergarten. The goal of the Institute is to provide early childhood educators with professional development training in the use of performing arts techniques within educational curriculum goals and outcomes for young children. The infusion of arts-based techniques into daily routines provides powerful teaching strategies that can be used to enhance all areas of development, including emergent literacy, self-esteem and socialization, problem solving, receptive and expressive language, motor skills and self-regulation, science and math, conceptualization, and creativity, in order to provide a solid foundation for all future learning.

About The Helis Foundation
The Helis Foundation is a Louisiana private foundation, established and funded by the William Helis Family. The Art Funds of The Helis Foundation advance access to the arts for the community through contributions that sustain operations for, provide free admission to, acquire works of art, and underwrite major exhibitions and projects of institutions within the Greater New Orleans area.


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