Video: People Museum in the Besthoff Sculpture Garden

New Orleans–based pop art band People Museum presents a special performance in NOMA’s Besthoff Sculpture Garden responding to the work of artist Louise Bourgeois.

The group’s 2022 EP, Destruction of, Vol. 1 (Strange Daisy Records and Community Records) features a collection of songs inspired by Bourgeois’s life and work. Written by Claire Givens and produced by Jeremy Phipps, the record was supported in part by NOMA’s Creative Assembly Cohort, which invites artists from different mediums to use the museum’s collection, exhibition, and programs as catalysts to create new research and artwork.

Directed by Noé Pierre
Produced by NOMA’s Community Engagement Curator Nic Brierre Aziz and Lily Keber
Camera by Lily Keber, Sean O’Grady, Noé Pierre
Stage Lighting by Lydia Kolda
Editing by Pete Noah
Audio Mixed by Adam Keil
Mastered by Aaron Boudreaux

NOMA’s Creative Assembly community engagement initiative is supported by the Wagner Foundation.