Musicians from Home: Gary Washington Performs as TheUrbanCellist

NOMA presents a series of virtual concerts featuring a range of music’s best and brightest performing from their homes. Assembled by internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist and composer Mahmoud Chouki, enjoy these relaxed and informal music experiences with acclaimed musicians from New Orleans and beyond.

About Gary Washington, TheUrbanCellist

Between being a bassist and banjo player combined with being classically trained on the cello, Gary Washington, aka TheUrbanCellist, has created his own unique sound. From beatboxing and playing the cello at the same time to singing and playing the cello, TheUrbanCellist stands out.

Live performance is TheUrbanCellist’s specialty. He is a one man band who beat boxes and uses the cello as a percussion instrument playing the bass line lead melody and rhythms all at the same time on one cello. His live performances are high energy/earthy soulful trap/disco/funk/hiphop/soul that will keep you on your feet while also feeding souls with soulful ballads. TheUrbanCellist developed his style of playing cello in New Orleans. Playing different instruments and styles through the years influences TheUrbanCellist’s cello playing. Being exposed to such a vast and diverse repertoire enables him to push the music forward while being rooted in tradition.

Follow @theurbancellist_thefitnessgod on Instagram to learn more.

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