OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Fabergé from the Hodges Family Collection featured sculpture, jewels, smoking accessories, scientific instruments and other precious objects by Peter Carl Fabergé, and was on view from November 9, 2008 through January 18, 2009.

The opening of this major exhibition, featuring several pieces never before exhibited publicly in the United States, coincided with the Forty-Third Odyssey Ball, the Museum’s lavish annual gala, a perennial highlight of the New Orleans social calendar.

The Hodges Family Fabergé Collection includes 106 diversified objects, a number that continues to grow as Louisiana resident D. Lee Hodges amasses one of this country’s premier groups of Fabergé masterworks.

Exhibit 2 (Objects of Desire)

Exhibit 3 (Objects of Desire)

Exhibit 4 (Objects of Desire)

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Exhibit 1 (Objects of Desire)

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Exhibits Coutesy of the Hodges Family Fabergé Collection