Ingres, Jean Auguste-Dominique

Compositional Study for “The Apotheosis of Homer”


Place Made
Graphite and pen and ink on paper
9 7/8 x 12 3/4 in.
Credit Line
The Muriel Bultman Francis Collection
Accession #

This is one of an estimated 204 preliminary drawings related to the final painting, which show an increase in figures from 46 to 85 within the general evolution of the composition.
NOMA's drawing differs from the finished painting in several ways: Homer holds his staff out to his side rather than close to his shoulder; the figure of Victory crowning him carries a torch in her left hand whereas in the painting she uses both hands to hold the laurel crown; the figure of Odyssey rests her forehead rather than her chin against her hand; in the final composition Odyssey has an oar in her lap which symbolizes the sea journey of Odysseus and Iliad has a sword leaning against the steps.