New Orleans Museum of Art to Present First Major Retrospective of Photographer Debbie Fleming Caffery

Debbie Fleming Caffery: In Light of Everything is the first exhibition to include examples representative of her entire body of work, including photographs taken throughout Louisiana and Mississippi, Mexico, and France over six decades. The exhibition includes Caffery’s renowned documentary images of people working in Louisiana’s sugar cane fields, as well as her most recent project creating exquisitely humanized portraits of birds around the world, some of which live in rescue and rehabilitation centers. Read More

Stela of Nakhi, “Servant in the Place of Truth”, Offering to Osiris and Anubis

Why Do Ancient Egyptian Objects Belong to an Italian Museum?

Visitors to the New Orleans Museum of Art’s Queen Nefertari’s Egypt exhibition may ask, why do ancient Egyptian objects belong to an Italian museum? The brief history below seeks to locate the Museo Egizio’s collection within the larger context of European colonial history in Egypt and the circulation of ancient Egyptian art in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Read More