Blog: A Curator’s Take on The Orléans Collection

Vanessa Schmid, NOMA’s Senior Research Curator for European Art, at the Palais-Royal, former home of Philippe II, Duke of Orléans.

The Orléans Project Goes Live

In March 2016, I took my first research trip for meetings in Paris and Europe. I was ecstatic to be at the Palais-Royal itself, the Duke of Orléans former residence. Now a public space and gardens, I had spent many an afternoon there as a child, but here I was in Paris leading a project dedicated to this important historical figure, and so proudly asked a tourist to take my photo! The planning and research over the past several years is soon to become a reality and the exhibition opens on October 26th and the catalogue was ‘on press’ two weeks ago!

We are three weeks to open, and now we’re heading into the fun part, conceiving the installation design to structuring the viewer experience and best tell our story… stay tuned.