About the Internship Program
The New Orleans Museum of Art offers students the opportunity to gain valuable experience by serving as interns in different museum departments. The internship program is designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students from colleges and universities with educational exposure to museum practices at NOMA.

NOMA also offers two distinct intern programs for students of color. The Professional Pathways Internship is available for students who attend Historical Black Colleges and Universities.

NOMA intern supervisors will work closely with interns to provide a positive and educational experience. Interns should expect that each position will include different projects and will also require assistance with daily organizational and preparatory tasks. Successful NOMA interns are self-motivated and can work in structured and unstructured environments.

Internship Opportunities
The New Orleans Museum of Art offers internship opportunities in all museum departments. Most internships are unpaid and subject to departmental need each semester, which will cause the internship to vary each semester.

Internships generally require a 14 week commitment during the academic year. Interns should expect to commit to working a minimum of seven to ten hours per week. Adjustments to the intern’s schedule can be decided between the intern and his or her supervisor. The intern is responsible for making appropriate arrangements with their school and internship coordinator to receive credit for internships.

Special priority will be given to graduate students and undergraduate juniors and seniors who have an academic focus that corresponds with available positions. Internship positions also require a minimum GPA of 2.75. Placements will also be determined according to applicants’ work experience, academic background, personal and professional interests, and future career goals.

Internship Application Priority Deadlines:

Fall 2019: Wednesday, July 15, 2019

Spring 2020: Sunday, November 15, 2019

Summer 2020: : Sunday, March 15, 2020

The following items must be submitted for applicants to be considered:

Applicants will not be considered until all documents have been received. Applications submitted after the priority deadline will be considered only if internship positions remain available.

Documents and inquiries should be forwarded to:
Department of Learning & Engagement
Mail: P.O. Box 19123, New Orleans, LA 70179
Fax: (504) 658-4199