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If You Drink Water (Or Want To In The Future) You Should See This Ed Burtynsky Photo Exhibit

By Jonathan Keats | Forbes This review originally appeared on As a student at Toronto’s Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in the ’80s, Edward Burtynsky got the assignment of a lifetime. “Go out and photograph evidence of man,” his instructor told him. Reflecting on the experience in a magazine interview thirty years later, Burtynsky observed that… Read More

Family Fun At NOMA {Worth The Drive}

Right before we launched Jefferson Parish Parent, I was asked by NOMA to become one of their blog ambassadors. I said yes and with everyone on a school break, it’s a great time to visitNOMA and explore all of their family fun activities! Studio Kids Art Classes for ages 5-10! The theme of the new… Read More

Review: Photography At NOMA

By D. Eric Bookhardt | Gambit Weekly This review originally appeared on Everybody knows about this city’s pioneering role in the history of American music and food, but what about photography? Blank looks are a common response to that question, yet not only was the South’s first photo studio located here, it belonged to… Read More

2013 Year In Review: Art

D. Eric Bookhardt on how New Orleans art built connections to the outside world this year By D. Eric Bookhardt | Gambit Weekly This article originally appeared on In the New Orleans art scene, as in the city itself, change is in the air. Drivers can’t help but notice the construction zones that have… Read More