Kathleen Currie

Kathleen (she/her) is a breathwork teacher, craniosacral therapist, and licensed massage therapist with a private practice. She’s also an herbalist, entrepreneur, perfumer, and founder of Smoke Perfume.

Her relationship with scent started in her early twenties in massage school studying aromatherapy, where she would wear pure essential oils and experiment with blends of scents. To Kathleen, these oils were alive—a living material that felt powerful and protective. As her training continued to herbalism and breathwork, so did her focus on breath as a vessel for healing. Her work has always been woven together in her private practice as well as her line of products and perfumes. She has always viewed her products as an extension of her work in the
healing arts. These intuitive rituals in a busy day and moments of healing have guided her work
and creative process.

While she led Smoke Perfume & Co to become an industry leader in the resurgence of natural perfume, Kathleen has stuck to her mission: creating healing scents rooted in self-care. What started in Kathleen’s French Quarter kitchen has grown into a movement — with new scents and products — committed to brewing holistic, artisanal fragrances from ethically-sourced
natural ingredients, with thoughtfully-designed sustainable packaging.

At the same time, as an entrepreneur self-employed since 2009, Kathleen is intimately familiar with the challenges wrought by the cis-heteronormative, patriarchal, capitalist world in which we live. She brings to the table an understanding of how to energetically work with the symptoms of living under this oppressive system such as anxiety, self worth issues (self-forgiveness, self-hatred, and inner judgment/criticism), and chronic pain (to name just a few!).

While she no longer practices conventional massage therapy, a passion for somatic experiences and anatomy continue to inform her work. Kathleen believes in the power of the breath/body connection. Her sessions are reverent, body-based, individualized, deeply connected, and nurturing.

As a craniosacral therapist, she believes in the need to slow down enough to listen to the body, and that healing is possible when we get out of the way and allow the body’s own breath of life to unwind. This is a sacred space to dwell, and Kathleen finds deep joy and presence in holding this sacred space for her students and clients in service to their inner truth.

She lives in New Orleans with her husband and their many plants, and is a lifelong pleasure-seeker.