Current Exhibitions

African Art: The Bequest from the Françoise Billion Richardson Charitable Trust

on view through June 30th, 2017

NOMA is proud to present a selection of African art from the bequest of the Françoise Billion Richardson Charitable Trust. Françoise Richardson was born in France to Olivier and Sadie Downman Billion in 1927. The family moved to New Orleans, her mother’s hometown during World War II and became active members of NOMA, then known… Read More

A Life of Seduction: Venice in the 1700s

on view through May 21st, 2017

Venice exhibition at NOMA explores seductions of Carnival, fashion, ceremonies and street life in 1700s. An exquisite gondola finial, 18th-century costumes, a puppet theater, and view paintings depicting the fabled “Queen of the Adriatic” are among the works on display. Read More

Otello and Desdemona by Alexandre-Marie Colin, 1829

Orientalism: Taking and Making

on view through December 31st, 2017

This installation, drawn from NOMA’s permanent collection, addresses shades of oppression, racism, and superficial cultural understanding layered in 19th-century Orientalist paintings, photographs, and decorative arts. Read More

Upcoming Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

George Dunbar: Elements of Chance

ended on February 19th, 2017

This exhibition surveys the career of George Dunbar (American, born 1927), who played a pivotal role in introducing abstract art to the South. Read More

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