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Art in Bloom presented by IBERIABANK – Online auction

Fri, May 1st, 2020 at 6:00 AM - Mon, May 11th, 2020 at 9:00 AM



Dear Friends,

We thank all of our sponsors and ticket holders for their support of Art in Bloom presented by IBERIABANK. Due to the current COVID 19 crisis, NOMA and the Garden Study Club have made the difficult decision to cancel our annual fundraiser. Like every public institution, the safety and well-being of our staff, volunteers, patrons, guests, donors and participants are our highest priorities during these complicated times.

We would especially like to thank our presenting sponsor, IBERIABANK, for their significant and on-going support of the arts and our New Orleans community. Funds raised at Art in Bloom provide critical resources for NOMA’s core educational initiatives and exhibitions as well as the important community projects sponsored by The Garden Study Club of New Orleans. These funds are even more crucial as both organizations strive to meet the growing needs of our community.

We hope that all sponsors and ticket holders will consider their sponsorships and ticket purchases as a 100% tax donation. The new CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act allows all taxpayers to take a charitable deduction of up to $300, even if you do not itemize. Again, we thank you all for your generous support and for your patience during this difficult time.

Although guests will not be present at Art in Bloom this year, everyone can participate virtually as we launch the silent auction on Friday, May 1. The on-line auction will feature works of art from over 70 local and regional artists. We hope that you will bid high and bid often for Art in Bloom! It will make an enormous difference. Again, thank you for your incredible support. We know we will see you in 2021!



Silent Auction Launch | Friday, May 1 at 6 am through Monday, May 11 at 9 am


Thank you to our sponsors:



Eugenie and Joseph Jones Family Foundation


J. Edgar Monroe Foundation



Elizabeth A. Boh
Marion Bright
Sally and Walter Cockerham
Louisette Brown and George Dunbar
Susan and Jimmy Gundlach
Julie and Scott Habetz
Sarah Louise Wood Ham

Malise and Clay Kearney
Elly and Merritt Lane

Dee and Nat Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Smith III


Acadian Ambulance Services
Carla and Jay Adams
Catherine and Semmes Favrot
Sarah and Greg Feirn
Ella and Walter Flower
Nancy and Stephen Hales
Carol and John Hall
Hancock Whitney
Keene and Christel Kelley
Alice Key
Sally and Jay Lapeyre
Mr. and Mrs. L. Richards McMillan II
Melissa Rufty Design Studio
Jay and Miggy Monroe
Paul Morse Photography
Pan-American Life Insurance Group
Rick and Debbie Rees
Mrs. Charles S. Reily, Jr.
Pixie and Jimmy Reiss
Tia Roddy
Donna Perret Rosen
Roth Law Firm, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Schadt Jr.
Susu and Andrew Stall
Anne Reily Sutherlin
Sarah and George Young
Zemurray Foundation


Ellen and Mac Ball
Sallee and Tom Benjamin
Gail and John Bertuzzi
Susan and Ralph Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Brown, III
Elizabeth Cordes
Mathilde and Richard Currence
Bernice and Don Daigle
Sweet and Ben Dupuy
Kathleen and Bob Edmundson
The First, A.N.B.A
Sarah Freeman
Kit Fritchie
Dathel and John Georges
Julie Gooch
Betsy Hanson
Adrea Heebe and Dominic Russo
Steve and Hon. Karen Herman
Sarah Hillery
Heidi and Arthur Huguley
Susan and Doug Johnson
Ruth Ann Jones
Diane Sustendal Labouisse
Jennifer and Dennis Lauscha
Jonathan C. McCall
Jill Nalty
Arlene and Alan Philipson
Linda and Gary Raphael
Robyn and Andrew Schwarz
Gayle and Ed Shearer
Shlenker Family Foundation
Kathleen and John Stassi II
Sternberg, Naccari and White, LLC
Patrick Tesson
Suzanne and Bob Thomas
Michelle and Lamar Villere
Kathleen and Terry White
Karen Wood
Helen and Tim Young


Bagert Law Firm, Ben Bagert
Kim Barnett
Margaret and Ken Beer
Kristin and John Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. A. Vernon Brinson
Virginia Boulet and Alvin R. Albe Jr.
Elinor S. Bright
Mr. and Mrs. Christian T. Brown
Carolyn and Michael Christovich
Mary and Miles Clements
Hugh and Sheila Collins
Judy and Tom David
Laurie and Warren Doyle
Eskew + Dumez +Ripple
Ann R. Duffy and Dr. John Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. Prescott N. Dunbar
Shaun and Foster Duncan
Leah Engelhardt
Mrs. James H. Fenner
Debra Fischman
Marla Garvey
Julie and Ted George
Katie Gibert
Kim Glazer Goldberg
Gwathmey Gomila
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Gorney
Dana and Steve Hansel
Lynn H. and Lura Harrison
Marshall Hevron and Sarah Landrum
Katherine Hovas
Sharon Jacobs and Leonard Davis
Anne Duffy and John Skinner
Kathleen and John Kazour
Caroline and David Kearney
Susu Kearney
Ann and John Koerner
Linda and Gordon Kolb
Renee and Peter Laborde
C.C. and Bill Langenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Ted LeClercq
Mr. and Mrs. R. Parker LeCorgne
Lee H. Ledbetter
Conor Lutkewitte
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Mahfouz
Sarah Martzolf
Cammie and Charles Mayer
Jonathan C. McCall
Louise McIlhenny
Laura Lane McNeal
Charlotte and John Alden Meade
Brenda and Michael Moffitt
Lynn and Digges Morgan
Suzette Neuenhaus
Janice Parmelee and Bill Hammack
Patricia Brinson Designs
Anne and Edmund Redd
Mr. David Rivé
Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson
Katherine and Robbie Saer
Karen Keil Senter
Dr. and Mrs. David Earl Simmons
Smallpage Family Foundation
Liz and Poco Sloss
Alison Toussaint-LeBeaux
Melanee and Steve Usdin
Anne and Sandy Villere
Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph Weichert III
Linda and Thomas Westfeldt
LeLe and Brent Wood
Meredith Yount


Carolyn Bain
Ashley S. Bright
Vivian Cahn
Jane Clayton, MD
Bernice and Don Daigle
Nancy David
Yolanda Doucette
Melissa Dovie
Margo DuBos
Elaine Everitt
Toni Feinman
Anne Atkinson Fitz-Hugh
Barbara Fitz-Hugh
Vesta Fort
Joanna Giorlando
Olivia Graugnard
Karen Gundlach
Teresa Guzzetta
Patti Haddad
Susan Hayne
Junior League of Dallas Members
Bonnie A. Kaiser
Holt Kolb
Catherine Makk
Kay McArdle
Allison Crutcher McAshan
MaryCole McCants
Angele Parlange
Petite Fleur by Lisa Brooking
Mrs. Karen Shales
Mary Smart
Anne Strachan
Ann Y. Swayze
Jean Taylor
Patricia D. Unangst
Sinead Walsh
Kate and John Werner
Jesicca White
Kimberly Zibilich


Ann Abbrecht
Lee Adler
Susan Aslett
Penny L. Baumer
Dr, and Mrs. Robert B. Begg
Susan and George Benton
Quincy Crawford
Nancy Deaton
Joni Diaz
Sally T. Duplantier
René J. L. Fransen and Edward C. Bonin
Franklin Garcia
Carro Gardner
Marhta Givham
Elizabeth Goodyear
Stephanie Goliwas
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gordon
Laine B. Harper
Deirdre and Christian Hooper
Cyril Hoormann
Thomas Huber
Mrs. Mikell K. Johnson
Elizabeth Kearney
David and Sara Kelso
Dr. Donald Kern and Dr. Lynne Neitzschman
Barbara LaFleur and Tom Douglass
Mrs. Beverly R. Lamb
Mrs. David Lane
Julianne Lansing
Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Laughlin
Cynthia and Robert LeBreton
Dr. Nanette LoCoCo
Blanche McCloskey
Dr. and Mrs. Sam G. McClugage
Kathleen Mix
Brian and Kristin Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Palmer, Jr.
Jane S. Murray and Peter Politzer
Dr. Lynne Neitzchman and Dr. Donald Kern
Nathaniel A. Novak and M. Rebecca Cooper
Erica Reiss
Sara McIlhenny Ringle
Mimi Schlesinger
Darcy Devine Scoggin, LCSW
Karla Seymour
Tina Shannon
Lorraine Simmons
Smallpage Family Foundation
Arena Teng
Annie Orillac Thibodeaux
Cathy Thomason
Ann Thorpe Thompson
Catherine Burns Tremaine
Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. Tucker
Robert Vorhoff
Dawn Wheelehan
Vanessa G. Whipple
Jessica White
Kathryn T. Wiedorn


Jo-Ann C Adams
Mac Ball
Raine Bedsole
Tony Benjamin
Claudia Blom-Nieuwpoort
Zana Ranđelović Brown
Callan Contemporary
Michael Clément
Robin Benton Crutcher
Robin and Bruce Crutcher
Michelle D’Amour
Lauren Reynolds Davis
Friend and Company
George Dunbar
Elizabeth Locke Jewels
Esom Gallery Art by Tony Mose
Margaret Evangeline
Becky Fos, Gallery B. Fos
Kevin Gillentine
Glassblower Ben
Stephanie Goliwas
James Gundlach
Karen Gundlach
Martha Guthrie, NWS
Guy Lyman Fine Art
Nancy Hales
Carolyn C. Hayne
Stephanie Henderson
Campbell Hutchinson
Evelyn Jordan
Robin Kanner
Kathy Slater Design Collection
Susu Kearney
Kim Bullen Designs
Belinda Knowles
Helen Kohnke
Maureen Krail
Beth Lambert
Nancy Hirsch Lassen
Fifi Laughlin
Vicki Lee
Ricky Lemann
Lory Lockwood
Ashley Longshore
Kathleen K. Matthews
Lizzie McCleskey
Whitney Melton Jeffreys
Mignon Faget
Renée Mitchell
Anna Montgomery
Micey Moyer
Julie Neill
Paul Morse Photography
Charlotte Parrino
Cleland Powell
Wesley Robinson
Avery Rowan
Max Ryan
Rhenda Saporito
Karoline Schleh
Richard Sexton
Julie Silvers
Elizabeth Kepper Brown Soslow
Stacey Williams Pottery
Suzonne Stirling
Ken Tate
Nell C. Tilton
Tim Trapolin
Alexis Walter
Tony Watts
Marilyn Woolverton


Cady Barrett + LELUNA
Catherine Blaum/Branching Out
Zana Ranđelović Brown
Dunn and Sonnier, Antiques, Florals, Gifts, LLC
Luna Botanicals
Sarah Martzolf Sell-Find-Design
Paul A. Norman, AIFD, Thibodeaux’s Floral Studio
Pilot and Powell
Glenn Vatschell – Palate New Orleans

Anthony’s Landscaping
Landscape Images – Kim Alvarez and Marianne Mumford
Beverly Katz, Landscape Designer, APLD
Mullin Landscape Associates
The Plant Gallery
Paul Soniat – Director New Orleans Botanical Garden
Robin Tanner – Landscape Architect

Acres of Green Garden Club
Aurora Plantation Gardeners
Country Club Home Gardeners
English Turn Garden Club
Garden Study Club
Hammond Garden Club
Junior League of New Orleans Garden Club
Lake Vista Garden Club
Lakeview Botany
Magnolia Forest Garden Club
New Orleans Garden Society
New Orleans Town Gardeners
River Ridge Garden Club
Secret Garden Club
Shady Oaks Garden Club
Tchefuncta Home and Garden Club
Town and Country Garden Club of West St. Tammany

Sylvia Blanchard | Ichiyo
Betty Butz | Sogetsu
Sally Cockerham | Ichiyo
Richard Cranford | Sogetsu
M.J. Emerson | Sogetsu
Jacqueline Gamble | Sogetsu
Emilie Garoutte | Sogetsu
Helen Guidry | Sogetsu
Esther Jordan | Sogetsu
Alice Kornovich | Sogetsu
Betty Lyons | Ichiyo
Betty Rena | Ikenobo & Ichiyo
Romona Rideout | Sogetsu
Diane Saye | Ichiyo
Hiroko Tsuzuki | Ichiyo
Susie Vanderkuy | Sogetsu
Joan Ellen Young | Sogetsu

Melissa Coleman & Rupa Jolly
Eskew + Dumez + Ripple
LCMC Health
Louisiana Children’s Museum
Ellen Macomber, Martine Chaisson Gallery and STUDIO Interior Design
St. Charles Avenue Magazine
Studio Amanda Talley & J.B. Designs
The Times-Picayune/ New Orleans Advocate

Dunn and Sonnier, Antiques, Florals, Gifts, LLC
IRIS floral + event design studio
Kim Starr Wise Floral Events
Longue Vue House and Gardens
Margaret Ludwig, owner + designer, Giverny Design
Mitch’s Flowers
NOLA FLORA – Ashley Bateman, Designer
NOLA FLORA – Stefania Boiani, Designer
NOLA FLORA – Debbie Lambert, Designer
Palate New Orleans – Catering, Floral & Design
Pistil & Stamen Flower Farm & Studio
Erin Steen for Compass Point Events In the Heart of Algiers Point
TPG – The Plant Gallery
Tina Turner, Professional Floral Designer
Thibodeaux’s Floral Studio – Cady Barrett
Thibodeaux’s Floral Studio – Shannon Mitch
Villere’s Florist

Brannan Geary
Graci Interiors
Nomita Joshi Interior Design
Pippin Lane
Rivers Spencer
Sotre / Grace Kaynor Designs

Archbishop Chapelle
Evelyn Jordan Clay Studio
Isidore Newman School
Jefferson Parish Talen
Louise S. McGehee School
Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle-Orleans
Lynn Oaks School Art Appreciation Class, Braithwaite, LA
Magnolia Community Services
Metairie Park Country Day
St. Dominic School
St. George’s Episcopal School
Trinity Episcopal School
Ursuline Academy
W. Smith Elementary


Chairs: Julie Habetz and Malise Kearney
Margaret Beer
Elinor Bright
Marion Bright
Susan Bright
Meredith Claiborne
Quincy Crawford
Mathilde Currence
Lauren Davis


Arnaud’s Restaurant
Beth Biundo Sweets
The Blue Crab Restaurant & Oyster
Bar Blue Oak BBQ
Boulevard American Bistro
Café Degas
Capdeboscq Catering Services, LLC
Chais Delachaise
Creole Creamery
Five Happiness
Galatoire’s Restaurant
JCB Creations
LEA catering, LLC
Palate New Orleans
Pigéon Caterers
Martin Wine Cellar
Mr. B’s Bistro
The Pelican Club Restaurant
Pralines by Jean… and Cupcakes too!
Sazerac Company
Taj Mahal & Nirvana Indian Cuisine
Tulane University Dining Services by Sodexo


Fri, May 1st, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Mon, May 11th, 2020 at 9:00 AM
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