(attributed to) Kneller, Sir Godfrey

Double locket with Portrait of Charles I and Queen Anne

c. 1706

Place Made
Grisaille on card
3/4 x 1/2 in.
Credit Line
The Latter-Schlesinger Collection, Gift of Shirley Latter Kaufmann in memory of Harry and Anna Latter
Lupin Foundation Center for the Decorative Arts
Accession #

The artist of this remarkably tiny double-sided portrait is unknown. Measuring well under one inch tall, this uber-miniature shows an image of England’s King Charles I (1600–1649) on one side, and Queen Anne (1665–1714) on the other. Both are composed in shades of gray (grisaille).

The Queen’s image is based closely on her 1703 coronation painting by Sir Godfrey Kneller, a likeness that was distributed widely in print.

Queen Anne reigned for only five years (1702–1707) and is remembered as the last of the Stuart monarchs. Palace intrigue and health issues during Queen Anne’s reign are the inspiration for the dark comedy film, The Favourite (2018).