Cristina Molina offers “whispering tour” of Ear to the Ground in Under Three Things performance

Join performance artist Cristina Molina on a “whispering tour” of  Ear to the Ground. Working with natural elements like earth, wind, water and fire, the contemporary artists in this exhibition show how how nature can spur artistic innovation and spark new thinking about human culture and community. Molina’s performance is called Under Three Things. “In this piece, I want to transport museum visitors to the underground, or underworld,” she says. “I assume the figure of Persephone from Greek mythology, but reimagine her not as a victim of Hades, but rather as an empowered goddess with her own agency and strength. 

“In the performance, I offer visitors guided tours of the exhibition in which I mingle real facts about the artworks and artists with my own fictional narrative, mixing up what people are seeing in reality with this imagined, fantastical landscape. I want the experience to be as immersive and intimate as possible, which is why I whisper to people, and only do these tours one on one, arm in arm. I want people to come away with a very different experience of the artworks than what one typically gets at a museum.”


Watch an additional video of Cristina Molina in conversation with Katie Pfohl, Curator of Contemporary Art, taped on March 25, 2020.

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