NolaDefender NODS: ART In 2011

From the opening of Prospect.2 to NOMA’s centennial, 2011 was a good year for art in New Orleans. And not just for the well-established people and places, either. While the traditional museums and galleries put on plenty of great shows, we also saw lots of good stuff from the merging scene on St. Claude, and… Read More

The Year In Art

It’s been a hell of a year. That can be taken in a number of ways, but what stands out is that more changes have occurred in this city’s art scene over the past 12 months than typically would take place over many years in more normal times. While local galleries maintained their predictably stable… Read More

Frick Art Museum Takes On The House Of Faberge

“Organized by the New Orleans Museum of Art, the exhibit showcases personal luxury objects Faberge created for daily use by the tsar and his family as well as members of the Russian aristocracy such as intricately decorated photograph frames, tableware, desk accessories, boxes, clocks, cigarette cases and smoking accessories as well as jewelry and the… Read More

Ancestors Of Congo Square At NOMA

It all goes back to Africa. As the source of so much that makes New Orleans unique among cities, our Afro-Caribbean heritage looms large, but the influence of Africa is also evident in American music, modern art, the history of civilization and even the origin of human DNA itself. So it is really quite surprising… Read More

Go To The Museum

The New Orleans Museum of Arts is a great place to bring the family to get away from the troubles in the city. Visitors could ride the Esplanade or Haynes bus to visit the museum. Located near the bayou called St. John, the museum is in City Park, New Orleans. You cannot miss it. Sitting… Read More