The Art of Wearable Flowers



Featuring a stunning collection of flower- and plant-based designed from renowned floral artist Susan McLeary, this guide provides how-tos for 40 floral accessories including: an eye-catching succulent ring, gorgeous hyacinth hoop earrings, a showstopping petal necklace, a luxurious all-white headpiece, bracelets, corsages, headbands, and more!

Each project includes an ingredients list, styling tips, and easy-to-follow instructions paired with step-by-step photographs. You’ll also find essential information on tools, design techniques, and plant care, making it easy to create these remarkable arrangements on your own. Whether you’re looking for a fun accessory to wear out on the town or a breathtaking statement piece for a wedding, The Art of Wearable Flowers is your must-have flower guide for enhancing every occasion with natural beauty.


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