NOMA Catalog: Congo Square


Ancestors of Congo Square: African Art in the New Orleans Museum of Art

Featuring exquisite examples of tribal arts, the New Orleans
Museum of Art’s collection of sub-Saharan African art is considered one of the
best of its kind in the United States. With new scholarship from fifty of the
leading experts around the world, this elegantly designed volume is the only
comprehensive book in print that celebrates this prestigious collection, and is
the first to document many of its important works. West and Central Africa are
two major areas of traditional tribal art production that are heavily
represented, particularly the Igbo, Yoruba, Benin, Ijo, and Ibibio peoples in
Nigeria and the Chokwe peoples in Angola. Among the Yoruba objects are three
rare sculptures by the renowned master carver Olowe of Ise and two by Areogun
of Osi-llorin. The book also features an eighteenth-century shrine figure of
Onile, one of seven extant large copper alloys from the Osugbo Society. Other
major strengths include art works from the Djenne, Bamana, Dogon, Baule, Fang,
Tabwa, Luba, and Bembe peoples. The many fascinating objects illustrated
include masks, figures (reliquary, shrine, ancestor, and initiation), textiles,
storage and utility vessels, prestige objects, furniture, costumes, and
marionettes. Also included are rare examples of jewelry and musical instruments
made of a fascinating variety of materials including wood, ivory, stone, terra cotta,
cloth, beadwork, and various metals, including gold. Providing rich information
on the history and function of each piece within its societal context, as well
as full documentation of provenance, this historic volume will be essential to
all those interested in African art and culture. Edited by William A. Fagaly,


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