Brockman Bow Tie


This design is named after Bobby Brockman who was Jeff’s high school soccer coach for three years at Glynn Academy. Coach Brockman taught Jeff passion, direction, and the importance of sticking up for team members that you really trust. Coach Brockman is not only a coach to Jeff, but also a friend.
Crafted with partridge feathers. Center wrap is blue and white grosgrain.  No dyes are used, giving each tie a unique coloring.  Wrap around adjustable hook, fits sizes 11″ to 20”.  Bow dimensions are 2.5” tall by 4.5” wide.  Feathers are all-natural and sustainably sourced.
About Brackish
In November of 2007, Ben Ross crafted turkey feather bow ties for the groomsmen in his wedding.  Five years later, one of those groomsmen, Jeff Plotner, saw an opportunity in what Ben had created, and the two partnered together to launch Brackish.  For the next several years, Ben and Jeff worked together to scale the growth of Brackish while staying true to the very first core value of the company – respectfully re-purposing the beauty of nature.  In September of 2019, they launched their first women’s collection including feather cuff bracelets and feather earrings.  The company operates from a design studio in Charleston, SC.

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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4.25 × 2.0 in

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