365 Days of Drawing



Everyone can draw.

Whether you are creating simple expressive marks or a detailed sketch of a face, all drawing can provide a welcome break from our busy lives.

365 Days of Drawing is an inspiring daily journal that’s designed to help nurture your creativity and develop a love of art.  Featuring a range of activities that have been categorized into sections – Imagination, Tutorial, relaxation, Color Theory and Observational – Lorna Scobie guides you through the techniques that will expand your skills and encourage you to create every day.  From adding tone to your drawings to experimenting with various materials, textures and styles, Lorna shows you that drawing does not have to be intimidating – and that the process of creating is as important, and as fun, as seeing the end result.

Whether you are a novice, prolific doodler or confident artist, this book is guaranteed to stir your imagination and add a little more creativity to your daily life.


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