Sculpture Garden Expansion Update: 1/16/19

The Sculpture Garden Expansion project is 70% complete with an anticipated finish date late Spring, 2019. All of the land elements—the amphitheater, outdoor classroom, east and west lawn, and cypress island—have been formed and are in the planting stage.   The weir is constructed and in place. The weir will allow for changes in water level… Read More

Sculpture Garden Expansion Update: 9/14/18

Progress continues on the Besthoff Sculpture Garden Expansion. From the Roosevelt Mall Bridge in New Orleans City Park, passersby can get a good view of the work being done on the canal link bridge. The bridge will connect the existing garden to the new, taking visitors under the Roosevelt Mall Bridge, as visible in the… Read More

Sculpture Garden Expansion Update: 7/17/18

  At this point in the construction process, the most prominent element of the Sculpture Garden Expansion is the sculpture pavilion structure. There is now steel up in the expansion area, giving visitors an exciting vision of what the sculpture pavilion will look like. Construction teams have created landforms to build out the two islands… Read More

Sculpture Garden Expansion Update: 5/24/18

The Besthoff Sculpture Garden Expansion project is moving along! Neighbors who have stopped by to check in on our progress have likely noticed that the grounds in the expansion area are beginning to take shape, giving a preview of the layout of the new garden. Our partners at Palmisano have begun site work on the newly… Read More