NOMA Staff Precautions and Protocols

Prior to reopening, NOMA put into place protocols for handling reported positive cases of COVID-19 within our staff. NOMA has, and will continue to adhere to these protocols whenever a potential case of COVID-19 is reported. Those precautions include:

  • Cleaning, safety and social distancing protocols as outlined by the CDC, state and city guidelines are in practice throughout the facility and in all employee areas.
  • Before coming into work, all employees are required to verify via a health screening that they are free of any COVID or other symptoms of ill health or they will be sent home immediately.
  • Masks are required to be worn by all employees when in public spaces or when not working in a private office. Disposable masks and gloves are made available to employees as well.
  • Employees are requested to clean and wipe down their work space each day.
  • We also encourage employees to adhere to state and city guidelines at all times.
  • Any employee showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to remain home and self-quarantine until symptoms have subsided for more than 3 days or until a negative test result for COVID-19 is obtained before returning to work.
  • If an employee has tested positive for COVID-19:
    • NOMA requires the employee to  remain home and self-quarantine until a negative test result is obtained.
    • All employees who may have come into contact with that employee are notified immediately and encouraged to get tested, in accordance with CDC, state and local guidelines.