Against the Grain features “wood paintings” by Mildred Thompson

Against the Grain marks the first solo museum presentation in more than thirty years of the experimental works in wood by African American artist Mildred Thompson. An accomplished painter, sculptor, writer and musician, Thompson (1936–2003) created abstract work in wood that went against the grain of the more overtly political art of her time. Read More


CT scans reveal mysterious figures in Malian terracotta

Recent research into a Malian terracotta architectural model by a Djenne artist, circled at the base with serpent figures and currently on view in NOMA’s François Billion Richardson Gallery of African Art, provides an example of how science can enhance a deeper analysis of a piece of sculpture. Read More


Q&A: Understanding the Maya Empire with Jeremy A. Sobloff

Hundreds of years since the Maya solely dominated Mesoamerica, with a network of cities stretching from present-day Northern Mexico southward to the isthmus of Central America, archaeologists continue to unearth mysteries of this ancient empire. Jeremy A. Sobloff, an external professor of the Santa Fe Institute and past president of the Institute, will be the keynote speaker at the sixteenth-annual Tulane Maya Symposium. Museum visitors are invited to the talk during Friday Nights at NOMA on February 15 at 6 pm. Dr. Sobloff spoke with NOMA Magazine about the theme of his lecture, “Is ‘Collapse’ a Useful Term in Understanding Pre-Columbian Maya History?” Read More