Mission Statement, Vision, & Values

MISSION: The mission of the New Orleans Museum of Art is to inspire the love of art; to collect, preserve, exhibit and present excellence in the visual arts; to educate, challenge and engage a diverse public.

VISION: The guiding vision of the New Orleans Museum of Art is to advance its position as a premier national visual arts Museum vital to the cultural and educational life of our city, state and region.

What do we believe in:

  • Quality. We consistently strive for excellence in all that we do. Quality in art is our fundamental objective.
  • Community. We endeavor to reach the largest and most diverse audience to enjoy and appreciate the benefits and treasures of the Museum.
  • Integrity. We adhere to the highest ethical standards in all Museum policies and practices for the board, staff and volunteers.
  • Stewardship. We professionally maintain the preservation, conservation, exhibition, scholarship and accessibility of the Collection.
  • Diversity. We are committed to serving a diverse public through innovation, enrichment and inspiration for people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Education. We seek to promote the visual arts through innovative educational programs and learning experiences to ensure broad participation from both traditional and new audiences.
  • Stability. We maintain economic stability through responsible financial planning and management, allowing NOMA to grow and accomplish its vision and mission for the future.
  • Creativity. We celebrate creativity in all cultures and from all periods. We continuously set high standards through openness to new ideas from the community, staff and supporters.
  • Collaboration. We recognize the importance of collaboration with other cultural, academic, scientific and professional communities to expand our reach, leverage our resources and diversify our audience.