Get Creative with Studio KIDS!

Art classes for students ages 5 – 10

Get to know some of the world’s greatest artists this fall. Studio KIDS! classes explore NOMA’s galleries to meet different artists who will provide inspiration for art projects. Each class features a different medium and participants will learn 2 and 3-dimensional techniques. Register for one class or the entire series. Professional teaching artist, Belinda Tanno provides skill-building lessons and engaging projects. Classes are limited to 12 students.

Call 504-658-4128 or email to register or for more information.

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Cost per class: $25 members / $30 nonmembers
Saturday, August 23
Figure It Out
Get to Know: Hale Woodruff
Learn sketching techniques including human proportions by looking at Hale Woodruff’s murals to inspire your own figure drawing.

Saturday, September 6
Boxed In
Get to Know: Joseph Cornell
Explore Joseph Cornell’s surreal boxes then create a unique box with collages and tiny treasures found in the art studio or brought from home.

Saturday, September 20
I’ll Fly Away
Get to Know: Bernardo Legarda
Discover the winged sculptures created by Ecuadorian artist Bernardo Legarda and sculpt your own winged figure using a variety of textures and feather patterns.