Get Creative with Studio KIDS!

Globetrot through the galleries this spring at NOMA! Studio KIDS! explores art made by diverse cultures as inspiration for art projects. From beading to painting, each class features different media. Students will learn 2 and 3-dimensional techniques. Register for one class or the entire series and collect stamps in your passport along the way! Classes are limited to 12 students.

Call 504-658-4128 or email to register or for more information.

Space is limited! Please register by 4:00 pm the Friday before to ensure your child’s spot.

Ages 5 – 10 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Cost per class: $25 members / $30 nonmembers

January 10
Destination: Italy
Golden Garb
Draw yourself into an ornate outfit inspired by Italian Renaissance altarpieces complete with a golden frame!

January 31
Destination: Mexico
Clay Creatures
Take a walk on the wild side by creating clay creatures inspired by Mexican animal vessels.
Sold Out! Waiting list available.

February 21
Destination: China
Guardians of the Galleries
Travel to China to learn more about guardian sculptures. Sketch your favorite then make your own guardian using cut paper and oil pastel.

February 28
Destination: Papua New Guinea
Raise Your Shield
Create a cardboard shield that incorporates patterns and symbols seen in those made by the Papua New Guinea peoples.
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March 7
Destination: Russia
Royal Russia
Get to know Russian royalty by learning more about heraldry. Design your own badge inspired by the ones depicted on Russian Imperial plates.
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March 14
Destination: India
The Great Ganesha
Meet the Hindu deity, Ganesha. A popular god in India, he is depicted in many different poses. Sharpen your sketching skills as you draw your favorite pose!
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April 11
Destination: France
Monet’s Garden
Take an imaginary walk in Claude Monet’s garden then create your own floral still life with watercolors and oil pastels.
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April 18
Destination: Japan
My Kimono
Learn more about Japanese silk textiles then make block prints inspired by the designs that inspire you.
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May 9
Destination: United States
Backyard Bayou
Go no further than your own backyard! Look at paintings of the Louisiana swamps and bayous then paint a landscape scene of your backyard.
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May 16
Destination: Africa
African Masks
Discover masking traditions of a variety of African cultures. Use geometric patterns and natural materials to create a ceremonial mask.
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