Get Creative with Studio KIDS!

Artistic time travelers, get ready! This fall, travel through time at NOMA. Studio KIDS! classes explore art made by diverse cultures throughout time as inspiration for art projects. From beading to painting, each class features different media. Students will learn 2 and 3-dimensional techniques. Register for one class or the entire series. Classes are limited to 12 students. Register in advance to ensure your spot.

Call 504-658-4128 or email to register or for more information.

Space is limited! Please register by 4:00 pm the Friday before to ensure your child’s spot.

Ages 5 – 10 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Cost per class: $25 members / $30 nonmembers

August 22
Ancient Glass | Egypt, c. 1546-1350 BCE
Discover the ingenuity of ancient Egyptians by learning about their designs on glass vessels, and then create jars with your own designs.

September 12
Bowled Over | Greece, c. 500-480 BCE
Explore ancient Greek pottery by learning about form and function as you create your own clay bowl.

September 19
Remember Me | Guatemala, 780 CE
Discover how the Maya honored their rulers by creating images of their great deeds. Commemorate a special person in your life using printmaking.

October 3
Visions of Gold | Italy, c. 1340 CE
Is that real gold? Learn how Renaissance artists made their paintings shine in the darkness. Try it yourself by painting a scene from your life with a golden background.

October 17
Beyond Fruit | Netherlands, 1600s CE
Decipher the meaning behind Dutch still life paintings then create a mixed media still life with your own hidden message.

November 7
Majestic Crowns | France, c. 1788
Revel in the Rococo the grandeur of French queen and kings then sculpt a crown using found objects.

November 21
See Yourself | United States, 1810
How do you see yourself? Preserve your likeness by painting a self-portrait in the style of 19th century American portraiture.

December 12
Express Yourself | United States, 1959
Explore your emotions with using line, color, and shape to create a painting inspired by Abstract Expressionist artists.

December 19
See the Future | Future
What will the future look like? Look forward in time and then create a sculpture inspired by Italian Futurism that represents your vision of the future.