March 19, 2014


Stop by the museum for Noontime Talks, held every Wednesday at noon during the month of March.

Noontime Talks are casual, informative discussions on works or exhibitions in NOMA’s galleries, given by curators or special guests.

Rosa, Rebecca, & Charley:
The Young White Faces of Slavery from Civil War New Orleans

Mary Niall Mitchell will discuss the series of propaganda photographs, taken in 1864, of a group of former slaves from New Orleans. While the stated aim of this campaign was to raise money for freed people’s schools in Louisiana, the carte-de-visite portraits spoke vividly to northern audiences about slavery’s past and freedom’s future. Of special interest to northern viewers were the portraits of white-skinned children recently freed from slavery in New Orleans. Dr. Mitchell will discuss political and social conditions behind their creation, the role of charitable and federal officials in their production, and how northern audiences interpreted them.

Wednesdays are FREE for Louisiana residents, so join us and learn something new!