12 p.m.
  • 27
  • November
  • 2013

Noontime Talks return to NOMA. Every Wednesday in November at 12 p.m., stop by NOMA for casual, informative talks led by NOMA staff and curators.

Wednesday, November 27
Judy Cooper, Photographer

Judy Cooper has been staff photographer at NOMA since 1998. A frequent visitor to the museum for many years before working there, she was a particular fan of the photography exhibitions. She became friends with Ron Todd, the first curator of photography at NOMA and was thus a first hand witness of the early days of the amassing of NOMA’s extensive photography collection. Her noon time talk about Photography at NOMA: Selections from the Permanent Collection will focus on this aspect of the exhibition.

Wednesdays at NOMA are free for everyone, so hop in and learn something new!

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