In the Collection tagged "wood"

Archangel Michael Triumphant

Unidentified Artist, Cuzco School, 17th century

Madonna and Child with Saints

Daddi, Bernardo (follower of), circa 1340

Mounted Warrior Veranda Post (ope ile)

Yoruba Peoples; Olowe of Ise, circa 1910-1914

Multi-headed Bush Spirit Guardian Figure

Ijo Peoples, Nigeria, n.d.

Roadrunner with Snake

Archuleta, Felipe Benito, 1984

Standing Female Figure

Wè Peoples, n.d.

Standing Male Reliquary Guardian Figure (eyema bieri)

Fang Peoples, 19th-early 20th century

The Lawyer's Office

Reymerswaele, Marinus van, 1545