In the Collection tagged "shadow and light exhibition"

Fire Escapes

Brett Weston (American, 1911-1993), 1943

Light Composition (Light Abstraction)

Jaromir Funke (Czech, 1896-1945), 1927-1929


Maurice Tabard (French, 1897-1984), 1929


Robert Petschow (German, 1888-1945), circa 1930

Théatre Odéon, Paris

André Kertész, (American, born Hungary, 1894-1985), 1926-1928

Untitled (from the shrub)

Dr. Roger Graetz (American), 1982

Untitled [Seated Wooden Mannequin]

Dr. Mehemed Fehmy Agha (American. born Russia 1896-1978), circa 1935

Untitled [Spectacles, Leaf and Newspaper]

Piet Zwart (Dutch 1885-1977), circa 1934

V for Victory (Staunton Academy)

Wendell MacRae (American, 1896-1980), 1942