In the Collection tagged "self-taught art"


Rev. Howard Finster (American, 1916-2001), 1986

Angels over the City

Purvis Young (American, 1943-2010), 1989

Charity Hospital Fan

Sister Gertrude Morgan (American, 1900-1980), circa 1960-1970


Jimmy Lee Sudduth (American, 1910-2007),

God Garden

Herbert Singleton, mid 1990s

Man and Tractor

Sudduth, Jimmy Lee (American, 1910-2007), circa 1988

Masked Face

Clementine Hunter (American, 1886/1887-1988), 1962

Melrose Plantation Quilt

Clementine Hunter (American, 1886/1887-1988), circa 1960's

The Throne of God

Sister Gertrude Morgan (American, 1900-1980), circa 1970