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Angels over the City

Purvis Young (American, 1943-2010), 1989


Justin McCarthy (American, 1892-1977), n.d.

God Garden

Herbert Singleton, mid 1990s

Last Supper No. 9

William Hawkins (American, 1895-1990), 1987

Man and Tractor

Sudduth, Jimmy Lee (American, 1910-2007), circa 1988

Masked Face

Clementine Hunter (American, 1886/1887-1988), 1962

Melrose Plantation

Clementine Hunter (American, 1886/1887-1988), Reverse CH Period: Circa early 1960s to 1988, the end of her life

Stung by the Wasp and the Cross We Have to Bear

Thornton Dial, Sr (American, b.1928), 1992

Surrealist Study of Hands

Robert Disraeli (American, b. Germany 1905-1988), circa 1932

The Throne of God

Sister Gertrude Morgan (American, 1900-1980), circa 1970

Windmill with Man Riding Flying Elephants

David Butler (American, 1898-1997), 1975